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Fuelling The Evolution of Trend Scout With Sales Enablement

The Challenge  Like so many new businesses they had set up a website and were using the HubSpot CRM as part of the growth suite but had limited extra marketing budget until they could prove that such ...

HubSpot Growth Stack Success Story: 'The Dealer' 250% Increase in Users in 5 months

THE DEALER APP'S CHALLENGE The challenge they faced was ‘How do we scale up? How do we recruit and motivate a sales team that could follow the successful formula from the pilot, and get them ...

How Tech Data Built Thousands of Customer Relationships Through Complex Workflow Automation

Marketing development manager Jeni Taylor understood that as the digital space has become more and more crowded, it is increasingly important that she can retain and maximise the value she receives ...

Case Study: International Grand Prize Winner for Sales Enablement with LAN3

LAN3’s challenge Martin and Steve realised that the traditional marketing methods they had used (including telemarketing, trade shows and email) were not generating enough leads and sales to meet ...

Award-winning for sales enablement

Within five months of starting inbound marketing and sales, IT Reseller LAN3 had pipeline opportunities worth £7m and sales equivalent to five times ROI. Watch the video to find out more:

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