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Generally, a workflow is used to follow-up in an automated way when a prospect/lead completes a desired action, such as completing a form. You can also enrol contacts based on other criteria such as CTA click or if they belong to a particular list. A workflow can comprise as many emails as you’d like and could include if/then branches to create a more tailored set of emails. 

For contact based workflows, there are 3 different types to choose from… 

  • Start from scratch - start with a blank workflow and add your own actions and delay - use if you want to enrol contacts based on criteria (most common) 
  • Centre on a date - use if you want to revolve workflow around a particular date, such as an event/webinar etc. 
  • Centre on a date property - use if you want to revolve workflow around a particular date that is in the contact’s record, such as birthday/renewal date 

HubSpot Support Resources:

As HubSpot is always updating workflow and email functionality you should refer to the following HubSpot resources.: 

Create Workflows

Create emails for workflows

There is also a planning template here to help prepare for the workflow. If you want to use this template PLEASE MAKE A COPY.

NOTE: All these steps should be discussed with the client especially if the workflow is part of a wider campaign or part of managing prospects through a sales cycle

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