About this process

  • Department: Revenue
  • Responsible: Client Relationship Manager
  • Accountable: Managing Director
  • Consult: Management Team
  • Inform: Client Delivery Team
  • Date created: 23/05/2019
  • Date last updated: 11/10/2019

Step 1 of the process

Client Relations Manager holds a meeting with the Strategists to go through this spreadsheet answering all questions for all their clients.

Step 2 of the process

Review and make sure that at least one of the following criteria is met:

  1. Word of mouth (referrals, reference interviews to prospects, online reviews, testimonials or case studies, speaking at our events)
  2. SLA performance (responsiveness, sign off on time)
  3. A gesture of goodwill (conflict/complaint resolution)
  4. Trust (accept our recommendations, treat us as partners)

Step 3 of the process

Create a doc/mail to send to all clients about the bonus points.

Step 4 of the process

Client Relationship Manager to inform the clients if they have been given bonus points and how we propose to use them.

Step 5 of the process

Client Relationship Manager to make a video with the whole team to say thank you.

Step 7 of the process

Client Delivery Team to create social posts celebrating the bonus points.


Topics: Revenue Processes