About this process

  • Department: Revenue
  • Responsible: Revenue Team
  • Accountable: Head of Revenue
  • Consult: Head of Revenue
  • Inform: Revenue Team
  • Date created: 10/12/2019
  • Date last updated: 10/12/2019

Following this process enables us and our HubSpot CAM to track activity and progress towards KPIs. Giving visibility on the KPIs of each BDR, from prospecting, outreach, lead qualification, connect calls and DISCOs to Planning conversions.

Step 1 of the process

  • Prepare for each outbound connect call with the ‘Connect Call’ playbook.  Complete any other details during the call (including inbound calls).

Step 2 of the process 

If the connect call is done via HubSpot Calling, the call is logged automatically.

If a connect call is done via Circleloop, it can only log the ‘call’ automatically if the phone number is present in the HubSpot contact record.

  • Go into the contact record of the prospect, check the telephone number is in the phone number field and the call was logged.
  • If it hasn’t then log the call manually, updating the call outcome and call type in the ‘call’ record in the timeline. 

If the connect call is done via Zoom, the activity type is a ‘meeting’ rather than a ‘call’. Update the outcome and meeting type in the ‘meeting’ record in the contact timeline.

If the connect is done face-to-face at a networking event, manually log the meeting

For all Connect calls / meeting types, the following needs completing:

    • Call outcome
    • Call type = Connect Call
    • Add to notes section other information relevant to the call that was not logged in the playbook

Step 3 of the process 

  • During a DISCO call, follow the same logging process as for “connect’ calls above, and in addition, the prospect is handed over both internally and with the prospect to the lead sales person delivering the Discovery Call. ‘Deal owner’ is changed to the new deal owner.

Screenshot examples:

Top left of a contact record, use the Log (+) icon to manually add a call or meeting.

In the ‘call’ or ‘meeting’ activity record that pops out, select outcome and type from the drop down list. Lily to tag her meeting types with either Lily Connect or Lily Discovery.

Commit - you have completed this process when all connect and discovery calls are logged as above in the Contact Record timeline.

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