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  • Date created: 08/08/2019
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By building a pop-up flow streamlines the path to conversion by automating FUE’s and triggering certain workflows. This is important for conversion ratios, and lead numbers. 

Step 1 of the process

Create the pop-up form: In your HubSpot portal, navigate to Marketing > Lead Capture > Forms > Create form > Pop-up form > Next.

From here, decide between the three options; pop-up box, drop-down banner or slide-in box (Refer to client’s needs and choose the relevant option). Click next.

In the callout section of the wizard, you can customise the callout for the audience. This includes being able to input an image, headline, body text, CTA name and button colour (ensure this adheres to the relevant brand guidelines). Make the text as intriguing as possible as this is what the audience will first see! Once completed, click next.

In the form section of the wizard, you will be asked to make a form. Best practice is to ensure the form isn’t too long so the audience will fill in the minimum to get the offer. Create your form body and CTA text. Ensure the relevant checkboxes are ticked (Similarly, best practice to put some form of consent messaging). Click next.

Choose your thank you text. Click next.

Step 2 of the process

Create the pop-up form FUE: The first way to set up a FUE with Pop-Up forms is by setting one in the pop-up forms wizard.

Once you click next on the thank you section, you will see the follow-up section.This will allow you to set up a plain text email with the subject line and body text that will be automatically sent once the pop-up form is filled out.

From here you can begin to create a workflow for JUST that pop-up form.

Step 3 of the process

Create a trigger in a workflow for the pop-up form: To set up a workflow, please refer to ‘Automation - Workflow build to include 5 steps - publish (inc. email build)’ process.

To trigger a workflow and enrol the recipient into a nurturing sequence after filling out the pop-up form, click set enrollment trigger > form submission > select the new pop-up form you have created > choose any page/specific page. 

This will enroll anyone that fills that form into your selected nurture sequence. Ensure the sequence is relevant to the people filling out the form before enrolling them.

Step 4 of the process

Setting the options for the pop-up form: On the Options tab, customize the following options:

- Pop-up form location: set targeting rules to control which pages your pop-up forms will appear on. To make more than one rule, click add rule. To set an exclusion list for certain pages, click set exclusion rule and choose the same as above.

- Form triggers: select the user action that will trigger the pop-up form to appear (50% page scroll, on exit intent, after ‘x’ time elapsed)

- Scheduling: Schedule a pop-up form so it is only active from a specific date, select Schedule for later. You can also set an unpublish date so it stops showing after a set date.

- Small screen sizes: to disable your pop-up form on mobile devices, check the box called ‘Turn off pop-up form on small screen sizes’

- Show dismissed pop-up form again after: click the dropdown menu to set the amount of time that should pass after a visitor dismisses the pop-up form before they can see it again.

- Send email notifications to: click the dropdown menu to enter an email address, or select a user or team. Usually the PoC for the client and the inbound marketer at BabelQuest.

Step 4 of the process

Preview & Publish: Congrats! You’ve created your pop-up form! Ensure the preview is correct and publish your form.

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