About this process

  • Department: Operations
  • Responsible: Management team
  • Accountable: Managing Director
  • Consult: Managing Director
  • Inform: Client Delivery
  • Date created: 23/05/2019
  • Date last updated: 23/05/2019

This process ensures we charge clients the same for all the tasks/deliverables we deliver and maintain profitability, resourcing and capacity levels for the team. 

Step 1 of the process 

If something is missing from the points pricing list...

Check in the points pricing list to see if the task could be called something else.  If so, but you think it needs changing, see Step 2 to ask for it to be changed name. 

Use the ‘Change Requests’ tab to request the additional item.

If you need the points immediately, speak to the Managing Director to clarify the points to charge and add the item to the ‘Change Requests’ tab on the internal points pricing list.

If the activity is a project and non-standard activity (including where a third party quote and activity is being charged for), speak to a Director for a quotation (this is not related to points pricing) - see the process on 'Upsell and Outsource within Client Delivery'.  

Step 2 of the process

If something needs amending in the points pricing list...

Use the ‘Change Request’ tab to request the change, with the details as to why you think it needs changing (e.g. name is wrong or you don’t feel the points represent the activity).

Step 3 of the process

The change requests will be reviewed once per month in the Management Team meeting and you will be notified.


Topics: Client Delivery Processes