About this process

  • Department: Operations
  • Responsible: Marketing Manager, Operations Manager & Client Relationship Manager
  • Accountable: Managing Director
  • Consult: Heads of Departments
  • Inform: Revenue team, Client Delivery and currently clients
  • Date created: 31/01/2020
  • Date last updated: 31/01/2020

Our points pricing list will be changed when we feel that we’ve increased our value, adapted our services or if we’re not being profitable on particular deliverables. These changes must be communicated to our clients.

Step 1 of the process

A situation will arise where we need to make adjustments to our points pricing. The change in points could be a suggestion from various individuals in the business. I.e. The Operations Manager will complete checks and investigate if we’re being unprofitable on particular deliverables. 

Step 2 of the process

The Operations Manager will be notified of all desired changes, review and send any viable changes to the Managing Director for approval.

Step 3 of the process

Once approved, the Operations Manager will inform the internal stakeholders, (including the Customer Relationship Manager & Marketing Manager,) coordinate amendments to tools & documents and confirm when the changes will be applied.

Step 4 of the process

The Customer Relationship Manager will email the current clients to inform them of the changes being made and when they will be applicable.

Step 5 of the process

The Marketing Manager will update any marketing materials which outline our points pricing. 

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