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Strong, relevant Call-to-Actions are essential to convert prospects as they move through the buyer's journey. This page will provide guidance on best practice and key steps to create consistent CTA's for clients. 

Step 1 of the process

Decide which type of CTA you will need to create. Image, button or inline text (no styling). 

Depending on the placement of your CTA you will likely want two different type. If it’s for a blog you will incorporate an inline CTA as well as an image CTA. For a newsletter linking to a blog you would likely use a button and perhaps an inline CTA. 

Step 2 of the process

If using an image CTA, design the CTA in canva or photoshop ensuring that you adhere to the client’s brand guidelines. 

Create three sizes:

*note that these sizes may differ slightly based on the client site and layout

    • Horizontal - 680x260
    • Vertical - 320x720
    • Vertical small - 320x 360 

Step 3 of the process

Create the CTA in HubSpot, read this guide to get started.

Step 4 of the process

Determine if it should be smart. Once a prospect has converted on a particular CTA, it's a wasted opportunity to continue presenting the same offer. Always try to use smart CTA's so that you’re serving relevant content based on their buying stage and past activity. Hubspot have a great guide to setting them up.

Further Guidance:

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