About this process

  • Department: Marketing
  • Responsible: Inbound Strategist
  • Accountable: Inbound Strategist
  • Consult: Gem Latimer
  • Inform: All department heads
  • Date created: 29/05/19
  • Date last updated: 29/05/19

This is a key piece of work that we undertake for all retainer clients and draws together everything we have learnt in the sales process and initial workshops. It should be updated if anything changes so that it remains a go-to for anything relating to the client’s strategy.

Step 1 of the process

Make a copy of the Inbound Plan template 

You can find the template here.

Make a copy and put it into the client’s GDrive folder, under strategy. 

Step 2 of the process

Populate the plan

Using notes from the following, populate the plan so that we have the first draft:

  • Sales notes
  • Kick-off call notes
  • Workshop notes
  • Buyer personas
  • Value proposition
  • Looking at their website

The above should all be in the Google Drive folder.

If you are unsure about any area, create a comment so you know to come back to it, or ask a relevant person by tagging them in the comment.

The following areas are likely to need input from other people in the team:

  • Content Production & Distribution
  •  SEO (If the SEO expert is involved in the account)

Step 3 of the process

Send to the rest of the team for review

Share the document with the BabelQuest team that are involved with the client, encouraging them to add comments.

Step 4 of the process

Share with the department heads

Now that the plan is almost complete, ask the Head of Marketing and Head of Content for feedback.

Step 5 of the process

Share with the client

Email to the client, encouraging them to ask any questions they might have. Go through it with them in your next meeting having given them enough time to review. (Send as a pdf document to ensure that the client doesn’t make any changes.)

Step 6 of the process

Continue to update and monitor

This should not be a static document - once it has been created, it should be updated over time if anything changes so that it remains a true reflection of the strategy and relationship.

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