About this process

  • Department: Expert Practises
  • Responsible: Sales Services
  • Accountable: Sales Services
  • Consult: Expert Practises
  • Inform: Client Delivery
  • Date created: 23/05/19
  • Date last updated: 23/05/19

Prior to engaging with a new CRM implementation, this process is vital to give an understanding of the complexity involved and the impact on time and billing.

Step 1 of the process

When a client using Hubspot requests a cost for implementing the hubspot CRM for their sales team or the rest of the business, inform them of the need to review their existing implementation and use.

Step 2 of the process

Sales handover - BBQ Sales to handover the client for the CRM review with list of their goals and expectations for the implementation. 

Step 3 of the process

Give the person conducting the review super-admin privileges. An NDA may be required. This is important to do prior to starting because it saves unnecessary back and forth with the client. 

Step 4 of the process

When access is granted, conduct a review of their portal focusing on: 

Contacts - properties -custom properties - view 

Companies -  properties -custom properties - view 

Deals - (if used) properties -custom properties - view 

Deal pipeline - Pipeline +any existing automation 

Data volume and existence of any additional data

Other tools that are integrated (eg salesforce) 

Step 5 of the process

Book a 30 minute call with the client as a follow up, inform them of the expected complexity. Recommend Sales Pro/Enterprise if warranted.

Provide a feedback document to the client and to BBQ sales summarising findings and stating the expected complexity of the implementation 

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