About this process

  • Department: Revenue
  • Responsible: Client Relationship Manager
  • Accountable: Client Relationship Manager
  • Consult: Management Team
  • Inform: Delivery Team
  • Date created: 24/04/2019
  • Date last updated: 24/04/2019

As the customer satisfaction surveys in HubSpot is a very limited tool at the moment, the best way to create the survey is to tailor for each client, rather than sending a bulk survey every 3 months to all the contacts.

Step 1 of the process

Identify the key people from each client that should receive the survey and add them in the respective document. Add to this document the quarter period of each client.

Step 2 of the process

Create a survey for each client.

Step 3 of the process

Customise the survey by adding personalised content to each client (e.g. Gem was in your offices last week etc).

Step 4 of the process

Send the survey at the end of each client’s quarter.

Step 5 of the process

If the response is either negative or passive, inform the Management team to discuss next steps. 

Step 6 of the process

Analyse the results and take corrective actions if necessary and keep the team’s KPIs records up to date.


Topics: Revenue Processes