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Removing unsubscribed/bounced contacts is an important part of maintaining a clean HubSpot database. Ideally, this should be looked at monthly. Cleaning data in such a way helps: 

  • Keep contact levels down for those nearing their limit 
  • Improve the health of the database 
  • Increase deliverability rates - if you’re constantly attempting to send to contacts that have hard bounced, HubSpot’s deliverability rate goes down and fewer emails will reach the main inbox. HubSpot may also choose to penalise you and can choose to block you from sending any marketing emails if the problem persists 

Step 1 of the process

Define the contacts that you need to delete 

It’s really important that you find out from the client exactly who they want to delete. 

Definitions of each category: 

  • Unsubscribed - they will no longer receive any marketing email from you but they can still receive sales 1-to-1 emails 
  • Hard bounced - the email address no longer exists 
  • Soft bounced - there’s an issue with the mailbox, such as it’s full, so the email cannot be delivered 

An out of office is not a bounce. 

Ensure that each of these is explained to the client and let them decide which they want to remove. 

Step 2 of the process

Remove from HubSpot database 

Here’s a HubSpot article that explains, step-by-step, how to remove these contacts.

The client may also want to export a list of contacts who’ve unsubscribed/hard-bounced if they have other systems that use this information. 

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