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  • Department: Revenue
  • Responsible: Sales Team
  • Accountable: Head of Revenue
  • Consult: Sales Team
  • Inform: Revenue Team
  • Date created: 21/02/2020
  • Date last updated: 21/02/2020

Following every successful connect call, we move to the discovery and planning stage. All of the calls must be done via Zoom, recorded and tagged to the deal. Key details during the discovery and planning stages should be noted on the deal and shared with the client delivery team is the client decides to close.

Step 1 of the process - Discovery (Enable)

During the discovery stage, we need to diagnose the prospect’s pain points, scrutinise the company, how they work and how Hubspot and BabelQuest could benefit them. Can we help them? Would they be a good fit for BabelQuest? Are they looking for a partner? Would Inbound be right for their business? Etc. 

There is a playbook in our Hubspot portal to assist with asking the right questions, complete a detailed scrutinisation call and help move on to the planning stage.

Step 2 of the process - Discovery (Enable)

At the end of this call, it is important to ask the prospect to do some homework, consider the discussions we’ve had and how we can work together to transform their business.

Step 3 of the process - Discovery (Enable)

Update the CRM with the prospect’s details and the ‘Deal’ status.

Step 4 of the process - Planning (Align)

The planning stage is where we have a 30-minute call to give the prospect a ‘prescription’, getting into a solid position to enable us to present and close, aligning their needs with our services.

Firstly, recap DISCO & homework, how are they feeling after some reflection? Identify the current gap and explain what they could have, help them imagine the future, the dream.

Once stage is completed, the next step is 'present and close'.

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