About this process

  • Department: Finance
  • Responsible: Managing Director
  • Accountable: Managing Director
  • Consult: Managing Director
  • Inform: Managing Director
  • Date created: 25/06/2019
  • Date last updated: 01/08/2019

We commit to paying all employees and suppliers on time.

Step 1 of the process

  • On the last Friday of the month update the payroll doc to confirm any changes to payroll e.g.
    • If a new employee has started, name salary & start date
    • If someone has left, date left and holiday’s taken (hiring manager to confirm from breathe)
    • If someone has had a promotion and what date it is effective

If you can’t access the spreadsheet, then email payroll@thewowcompany.com 

Step 2 of the process

Step 3 of the process

  • To complete Payroll - transfer salaries using the payroll summary from WOW to every employee (details saved in Barclays)
  • Tax - HMRC saved as a supplier in Barclays and schedule payment for 19th of following month for Employers NI & PAYE as one payment as confirmed by WOW 

Step 3 of the process

  • If due, pay or schedule payment to regular suppliers:
    • Charlie - Chopped
    • Emma - Meraki
    • Calber - cleaners

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