About this process

  • Department: Revenue
  • Responsible: Revenue Team
  • Accountable: Head of Revenue
  • Consult: Head of Revenue
  • Inform: Revenue Team
  • Date created: 09/12/2019
  • Date last updated: 09/12/2019

Step 1 of the process

When a new deal is created the following fields are required: ‘New HubSpot Portal’ - 'Yes / No'

Step 2 of the process

During the connect call, we should get an idea of what license they require.  Once the deal has been created, if the answer to the New HubSpot Portal is 'Yes':

  • Add the amount of the expected license to the ‘HubSpot MRR’ field:

Enterprise £3000

Pro £1000

Starter £100

Step 3 of the process

Complete the ‘Sales Forecast’ field with one of the following:

Best Case

Most Likely


Based on the forecast guide

Step 4 of the process

  • Registered to BQ
  • Best Partner Wins (reg’d to another)
  • Direct / Collab


Topics: Revenue Processes