About this process

  • Department: Client Delivery
  • Responsible: Delivery team
  • Accountable: Deliverable Owner
  • Consult: Delivery team
  • Inform: Delivery team
  • Date created: 29/8/2019
  • Date last updated: 29/8/2019

When working with a client, it is important to state early on how to properly name templates, pages, emails, workflows etc. This ensures that you and the client can easily identify appropriate files without sifting through hundreds of pages. 

Step 1 of the process

Duplicate this spreadsheet and rename according to your client.. Example - ‘Infospectrum Naming Conventions’

Step two of the process

Construct email to client stressing the importance of the naming conventions. It is especially important to point out the need for a standardised formation when creating landing pages and thank you pages. This is because you then won’t need to preview the file to understand its purpose and it’ll be clear as to which campaign they link to. 

If your client is unsure of workflow types, email types and other types then please direct them to columns F, G and H. If they’re unsure of how to structure their folders according to our suggested conventions, please highlight tab two to them. This details how we recommend organising the file manager and other tools.

Step 3 of the process

Attach and send spreadsheet to the appropriate contacts who have access to hubspot within the company.

Step 4 of the process

Ensure this is being adhered to through ad hoc checks.


Topics: Client Delivery Processes