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  • Department: Content Services
  • Responsible: Content Writer
  • Accountable: Head of Content
  • Consult: Content Team
  • Inform: Project Manager
  • Date created: 24/04/2019
  • Date last updated: 24/04/2019

Interviewing our clients’ movers, shakers, and thought leaders forms an integral part of our content offering. It connects our writers to our clients’ most knowledgeable and experienced individuals. By involving those individuals, it helps us to secure buy-in for the content we create. Best of all, it equips our writers with the insights and stories they need to create truly compelling content.

Step 1 of the process

The content writer should refer to the client’s content calendar for a clear brief of the task.

Step 2 of the process

The content writer should reach out to the client to arrange the interview at a time that is suitable for both them and the interviewee. We typically carry out interviewees over Google Hangouts, Zoom, or face to face when possible.

When arranging the call, it is helpful to provide the interviewee with a brief description of the purpose of the call.

Step 3 of the process

The content writer should prepare for the interview by reading any relevant material sent over by the client and equipping yourself with the questions you would like answered in order to draft the piece of content.

Step 4 of the process

The content writer should carry out the interview. It might help to record the exchange on your phone, in which case, inform the interviewee that you will be recording the conversation so that you can refer back to it later.

Step 5 of the process

If you recorded the interview, you will want to transcribe your notes. If the interview lasted longer than half an hour, transcription can become labour intensive; we can outsource this transcription if necessary.

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