About this process

  • Department: Client Delivery
  • Responsible: Operations Manager & Accountable Manager
  • Accountable: Operations Manager
  • Consult: Heads of Department and Consultant
  • Inform: Delivery team & Customer Relationship Manager
  • Date created: 28/11/2019
  • Date last updated: 28/11/2019

Step 1 of the process

Hubspot notification sent to Operations Manager when a client is moved to the planning proposal stage.

Step 2 of the process 

The Operations Manager to liaise with the Sales team to obtain details, e.g. scale, timeline, desired start date, services.

Step 3 of the process 

The Operations Manager to review capacity, liaise with the Heads of Departments on a delivery team and confirm who will undertake the function roles.

Follow the 'Putting a Client’s Delivery team together' process.

Step 4 of the process

Once the proposal has been signed by both parties, the Sales Manager or Managing Director will notify the Operations Manager & Client Relationship Manager via Slack.

Step 5 of the process

The Acting Finance Manager (currently Managing Director) will invoice the client, cc’ing the Operations Manager.

Step 6 of the process

The Sales Manager will introduce the Operations Manager and Customer Relationship Manager to the client via email.

Step 7 of the process

The Customer Relationship Manager will arrange a Welcome meeting and send the Welcome pack via email. (This is likely to be a shortened version of the Welcome pack.)

Step 8 of the process

The Customer Relationship Manager will update Hubspot CRM and NPS recipient list.

Step 9 of the process

The Operations Manager will create a Google drive folder, save the proposal down and create a Slack channel. 

Step 10 of the process

The Operations Manager will share the signed proposal with the client delivery team.

Step 11 of the process

The Accountable Manager will review the proposal in detail and ensure that it is understood. Note down any questions or queries for the internal handover meeting. 

Step 12 of the process

The Client Relationship Manager will schedule a 1-2-1 introduction call with the client to say ‘hello’ and build a relationship.

Step 13 of the process

The Operations Manager will schedule an internal handover meeting and kick-off call with the client. 

  • The Accountable Manager, Operations Manager, Client Relations Manager and Sales Manager will attend the internal handover. 
  • The Accountable Manager and Operations Manager will attend the client 30-minute kick-off call. (In some cases, this will need to be flexible to suit the client i.e. timelines, location, product/service purchased.)

Following the meetings, the Accountable Manager will be expected to lead the delivery of the project, once the first payment has been received, unless otherwise approved by the Managing Director or Head of Revenue.

Step 14 of the process

The Operations Manager will monitor the accounting tool to see when the first payment has been received. 

Step 15 of the process

The Operations Manager will notify the client delivery team once the payment has been received so they can continue with the delivery phase.

Step 16 of the process

The Project Manager to schedule all the relevant meetings as per the client strategy cycle document. (Check with the Accountable Manager to see if there needs to be any flexibility in the cycle.)

Follow the 'Delivery Phase' process once this process has been completed.

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