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  • Department: Client Delivery - Marketing, Sales and Content
  • Responsible: Trainer
  • Accountable: Strategist
  • Consult: Customer relations manager
  • Inform: All relevant trainers
  • Date created: 22/08/19
  • Date last updated: 22/08/19

While the content of training may vary, the steps before and after should be consistent.

Step 1 

Arrange the date and location for the training with the client once they have paid (sometimes payment will stipulate whether we can do it at their office or whether it needs to be remote/at BQ HQ).

Be sure to cover the following:

  • How long the session will be and what time it will run from and to
  • Who will be in attendance from the BQ side
  • Ask who will be in attendance from their side (and if at BQ HQ how many cars they will be coming in, if any)
  • If at BQ HQ and if this is a day of training, ask if they have any dietary requirements 
  • Let them know that you will be sending a pre-questionnaire once they have confirmed all attendees.
  • If they have any questions about the training

Step 2 

Send a Google Calendar invite to everyone who will be attending and be sure to include an invite before and after for travel time if required, for the BQ team.

Step 3

Make travel and room preparations

If at BQ HQ

  • Book a room through the calendar invite
  • Reserve the required number of parking spaces 

If at the client’s office or another location

  • Request that they book a room if possible and request the following if required:
    • A screen and HDMI cable
    • A whiteboard
  • If lunch will be offered during the training, be sure to inform the client about any BQ team dietary requirements
  • Arrange your travel and book trains, flights or hotels as required

If a remote meeting

  • Book a room through the calendar invite
  • Ensure that the client is comfortable with Zoom so that you can record the session and send it to them after. If there are a few of them, perhaps arrange a test with your key contact so that it runs smoothly on the day.

Step 4 

Send the pre-training questionnaire to everyone who will be attending from the client

  • What are they hoping to achieve from the training
  • What is their current pain point?
  • What is their current level of proficiency in HubSpot (as applicable)
  • What are the 3 areas out of a list of options that they would like to learn about most in the training
  • Any questions?

Step 5 

The day before

Send an email to say you are looking forward to the training tomorrow to act as a reminder. Include:

  • Travel and parking instructions (if at BQ HQ)
  • Joining instructions (If remote)

Check if they have all filled out the form, and if they haven’t, gently remind them to.

Step 6 

On the day

If at BQ HQ

  • Make sure the room is tidy and set out glasses and a jug of water

If remote

  • Get the laptop and owl (if more than just you from BQ) set up 15 minutes before the training so you start on time.

Enjoy the training!

Step 7

Send a follow up email either the same day, or first thing the next day including:

  • A summary of the training and any notes
  • Setting out next steps and actions agreed (including booking any follow up calls)
  • Send the post-training survey explaining that this helps us to improve each time
  • If they haven’t already, ask them to leave us a review in the HubSpot Partner Directory


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