About this process

  • Department: Client Delivery
  • Responsible: Project Manager
  • Accountable: Accountable Manager
  • Consult: Client Delivery Team
  • Inform: Consultant
  • Date created: 31/01/2020
  • Date last updated: 31/01/2020

All mid-long term clients should have monthly review meetings even if they are project-based. It’s important that the client delivery team and client take the time to analyse where we stand on reaching their goals.

During the Onboarding process, there will have been monthly review meetings scheduled as part of the Client Strategy cycle.

Step 1 of the process

Before the internal monthly review meeting, the stats should have been completed and anaylsed. 

Follow the Pulling Monthly Stats process.

Step 2 of the process

All members of the Client’s Delivery team must attend the meeting. The Project Manager will share the internal monthly review agenda with the team. All individuals must spend time before the meeting on creative thinking, ('what can we do to increase our impact?'.)

Step 3 of the process

The Project Manager will coordinate the meeting, ensuring that the agenda is followed so the meeting is efficient.

Step 4 of the process

The Accountable Manager will note key points from the team to share with the client.

Step 5 of the process

The Accountable Manager will prepare the client monthly review agenda and share with the client.

Step 6 of the process

The Client, Accountable Manager & Project Manager will attend the Monthly Review meeting. The Accountable Manager will lead the call and the Project Manager will take minutes of the meeting. 

Step 7 of the process

The Project Manager will save the minutes in the google drive folder, then share the minutes with the team and the client, highlighting actions. If required, adding/amended the project management tool.

Topics: Operations Processes