About this process

  • Department: Sales Services
  • Responsible: Client Delivery
  • Accountable: Client Delivery team
  • Consult: Sales Services Consultant
  • Inform: N/A
  • Date created: 07/06/2019
  • Date last updated: 07/06/2019

Step 1 of the process

  • The client will send the data, usually password protected, the password will be sent separately. 

Step 2 of the process

  • Download data to excel and sort the data by 'Budget'. Delete all deals where the 'Budget' field is either not filled in, or has a value of '0'.
  • Sort data by 'Status'  and delete all data with the status 'Cancelled by client'.

Step 3 of the process

  • Access the INFOSPECTRUM MONTHLY DATA UPLOAD TEMPLATE file available here.
  • Download to excel and save a copy. Name it “Infospectrum clean data *Month*” and save. 
  • Carefully transfer the required columns from the infospectrum data spreadsheet 

NB: To fill the “Deal Name” Column - duplicate the “subject company” data column.

  • Fill in the Pipeline column with “Sales Pipeline for every deal
  • Fill in the “Deal Stage” Column with “Closed won” for every deal 

Step 3 of the process

  • In the “Clean data” sheet sort the data by “Contact email” and clean the data - some fields will have multiple email addresses (which causes errors in Hubspot) Keep the first email address in each field and remove the others

Step 4 of the process

  • Populate the most recent order date.
  • Sort by “Contact email” then add a second level of sorting on “Date ordered” - Where a contact has placed multiple orders over the month you should see the email address with a chronological list of order dates.
  • Manually go through the list and copy only the most recent order date to the “Recent Order date” Column

Step 5 of the process

  • Upload (Import to Hubspot) 

Import type? - One File
How many objects are you importing? - Multiple Objects
Select the objects you'd like to import and associate - Contacts and Deals

  • Check for Errors - If errors are present, download error file.

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