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  • Date created: 23/04/2019
  • Date last updated: 30/01/2020

We need to maintain a safe & secure working environment, protect the office & our equipment and share the workload.

Step 1 of the process - Opening up

  • Enter via the back door (car park side) using your key and door code ‘2124 Enter’.
  • Defuse the alarm to avoid the impending cacophony with the code 0905
  • Open the door to the stairway using the mortice key, kept in the small meeting room on the windowsill.
  • Unlock the front door from inside using the thumb-turn lever (keep turning anti-clockwise until it stops)
  • Unlock the upstairs door using the mortice key, put the keys next to the stereo. Turn the stereo on if you wish but no Ed Sheeran, please.
  • Empty dishwasher.
  • Make yourself a coffee and revel in your feeling of accomplishment at this series of small yet important tasks.

Step 2 of the process - Closing up:

  • Make sure there is no-one else on the top floor including the toilet, check windows are locked, put on the dishwasher, put milk canister from the coffee machine in the fridge, turn off the lights. Pick up keys from next to the radio.
  • Lock the upstairs door.
  • Lock downstairs front door from inside using the thumb-turn lever (keep turning clockwise until it stops) This is important - if the power fails then the mag-lock on the door won’t work.
  • Turn off stairway lights.
  • Check the toilets are empty.
  • Lock downstairs internal door and place the keys back in the small office, on the windowsill.
  • Check all windows are closed.
  • Turn off lights (outer two switches next to the stairway door)
  • Arm the alarm 0905, turn off the final light.
  • Exit via the back door, and then lock the door with your key - the mag lock is not sufficient to stop your stuff getting nicked. As with the front door, if the power fails the door will open.

Go home, and have a nice evening!


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