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  • Department: Operations
  • Responsible: Company
  • Accountable: Company
  • Consult: Cardholder / Account owner
  • Inform: Company
  • Date created: 30/01/2020
  • Date last updated: 30/01/2020

As the agency offers a flexible working model and there is no current requirement to hire an office manager, we all need to chip in to keep the office stocked up.

Step 1 of the process

There are various ways sundries are purchased in BQ, it all depends on the cost-effectiveness.

We have an Ocado order once a week which will include items such as; milk, tea, fruit, sparkling water, nuts, hand soap. Toilet rolls and hand towels tend to be ordered on Amazon. We have a corporate Bookers account and will bulk buy various items i.e. blue roll, bin bags.

If you notice that an item is running low or missing and there’s none stored away in a cupboard or the downstairs storage room, we are all responsible for notifying an individual who usually orders, popping to the shop or borrowing a company card to make a purchase.

Step 2 of the process

If you purchase any items at your expense, you can submit an expense claim following the process.

If you need to use a company card, please ask a cardholder to borrow their card and return once complete.

Whichever purchase method you choose, you must request a VAT receipt. Take a photo of the receipt and attach it to your expense claim or email to accounts@babelquest.co.uk. Once complete, the receipt can be disposed of. 

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