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  • Date created: 8/8/2019
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Managing ads campaigns is important for maximising client results and ensuring money isn’t wasted. Please review the PPC Paid Ads - Research & Set-Up Document when setting up a campaign. If the client has Google Ads linked into Google Analytics, this will give better visibility!

(This process is pending screenshots from the BQ account in HubSpot.) 

Step 1 of the process

Go into the relevant HubSpot Portal and go to Marketing>Ads. Alternatively log into the relevant Google Ads account to review all campaigns.

Step 2 of the process

Scroll down to the relevant campaign you’d like to manage and review the statistics and reports you’ve set up. Is the campaign converting as much as you thought? How are the impressions? 

Step 3 of the process

After you’ve reviewed the relevant statistics and worked out what it is you need to change, select the ad group you want to amend and begin changing the relevant things you need to. It’s best not to change too much in one go, so that it's easier to assess what changes have worked. Then you can work out the best options for that client.

Step 4 of the process

At the front of the campaign report, scroll down to ad settings to review how much has been spent so far and current budget. Check the current bidding strategy.

If the strategy isn’t performing optimally it may be best to select a different bidding strategy. e.g. if currently set to CPM (cost per 1k impressions) and getting lots of impressions but not a lot of conversions, it may be best to consider a different strategy for bidding. It may be okay to simply change the amount you are bidding or to just change strategy. Click edit on the ad settings. Here you can change the amount you pay per day on average. Google will give you an estimation on performance (views) and clicks per month. (This is an estimate, not guaranteed.)

Step 5 of the process

Audience review: if your buyer persona has shifted since creating the ads, now is a great time to change the relevant sections of your audience selection to fit your buyer personas again and make sure the people on your site are the right ones to convert. If you have a new target audience now is a great time to amend that.

Similarly, if you want to target a new location, now is a good time to change it. Scroll down to ad settings and click edit next to location. Here you can edit, add and delete different locations that Google will display your ads to the audience you’ve selected.

Step 6 of the process

Keywords review: using the keyword research done by a member of the team or Charlie, analyse the keywords group for this ad. Is it relevant? Do new variations need to be added to increase traffic/ reduce the wrong type of traffic? What’s the volume of modified broad match/ phrase match/ exact match in the group? What negative keywords have been set up? Are there any new keywords the business/ campaign has begun ranking for that should be incorporated into the ad group? Amend these as necessary. 

*NB:  entering negative keywords is just as important as the keywords themselves. Monitor the keywords closely, especially in the early stages. If there are any negative keywords that continue to pop up or there are variations on the same keyword (including a “phrase match”of that keyword or a +broad match) this is a good way of eradicating them from the campaign. If it’s just the same word use [exact match].*

Step 7 of the process

Ads review: Depending on how long your ads have been running and if they’re using the GDN (Google Display Network) the ads may have gone into ad fatigue. Alternatively, if you have made any changes in the previous steps, the ads in this group will most likely need reviewing and updating.

Check the links are all still relevant and go to the right pages. If you need to update the ad imagery scroll down to the bottom section of ad settings and click edit next to the image section. If you’d like to add a new ad to the group, click edit next to the edit and then select “write a new ad” underneath the one currently running. Then use the set-up process to put together a new ad.

Step 8 of the process

You’re done!

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