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  • Date created: 22/08/19
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By scheduling a client’s social posts for the week in advance, it enables peace of mind for the client and allows the marketer to adhere and comply with the overall social strategy.

Step 1: Set up client’s social on HubSpot

Process TBC...

Step 2: Creation of Social Content

Once inside the social part of HubSpot (marketing > social), head over to ‘Create Social Post’. Whilst here, you can choose to post to either:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Once agreed which networks to post to, complete the social post requested. As the HubSpot portal is integrated with all the social networks, it will allow you to post links, photos, body text, and everything else you would be able to do on the native platform.

HubSpot will also notify you of errors in your text / if you go over the character limit and if something will show differently on the platform in an error message at the top. Fix the error in the way you see fit.  

Step 3: Schedule the Social Content

In the ribbon at the top of the post creation box, you can choose the account you want to post to and the times you can choose from. Ensure you’re posting to the right account and, if they have personal accounts connected, you’re posting to them as well as the company page.

On the right hand side of the ribbon, you can choose the date and time of sending. Whilst you have to choose which day you would like to schedule a post for, HubSpot recommends times to schedule it for. Of course you can choose your own, but to save time and to adhere to best practice, it’s usually better to choose one of the recommended times (unless another time is agreed). 

Click schedule at the bottom to schedule the post. If the post needs sign off, it’s best practice to save it as a draft and send it either to the agreed colleague or the client. 

Step 4: Ensuring the Post Went Up

As one of HubSpot’s more unreliable services, it’s recommended to ensure the post went up correctly. If not, troubleshoot the problem and investigate why there was an issue and fix it. If you can’t fix it yourself, ask HubSpot support to investigate the issue for you.

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