About this process

  • Department: Client Delivery
  • Responsible: Operations Manager
  • Accountable: Operations Manager
  • Consult: Heads of Department, Sales Manager
  • Inform: Customer Relationship Manager
  • Date created: 30/01/2020
  • Date last updated: 30/01/2020

During the sales process and the kick-off, the BQ individuals will assess the client’s requirements and personalities to help ensure that we put together the best team for them. During the client lifecycle, there might be a requirement to make changes to a client delivery team, following this process. 

Step 1 of the process

The Operations Manager will liaise with the Sales Manager to obtain the client’s requirements and personality.

Step 2 of the process

During the beginning of the 'Onboarding process (project or retainer,)' the Operations Manager will review capacity, decide on the best fit team and allocate the function roles. Consulting with the Head/s of Department.  

Step 3 of the process

The Line Managers will inform their direct reports.

Step 4 of the process

The Operations Manager will inform the client and update any documents & tools.

Follow the 'Onboarding process' (project or retainer) for next steps.

Topics: Operations Processes