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  • Department: Client Delivery
  • Responsible: Strategist
  • Accountable: Strategist
  • Consult: Janice Hewitt
  • Inform: Marketing Dept.
  • Date created: 1/08/2019
  • Date last updated: 22/08/2019

A 90-Day Activity Plan defines the marketing and content team’s activity for a client for the upcoming quarter. This activity is started following the team review, one month before the new quarter begins.

It should be delivered to the client approximately two weeks before the next quarter to allow time for review and approval.

All activity should begin following a team review, one month prior to a new quarter. This plan should be completed and delivered to the client approximately two weeks before activity is due to start to allow for review and approval.

Here is an example of the timeline: 

Q1: runs Apr-Jun

Q2: runs Jul-Sep

Team review: June 1

Strategist analysis: June 2

90-Day Activity Plan created: June 2-9

Reviewed by the director/strategist: June 9-15

Delivered to the client: June 15-20

Step 1 

  • Open a new tab in the client’s campaign centre and copy the current activity into the new tab. 
    • This will help when copying recurring activity and guide any follow-up activity that will need to be done in the next quarter

Step 2 

  • Look back at the previous quarter’s activity plan and note the following:
    • Recurring activity such as social media scheduling, newsletters, or reporting
      • Copy these line items into the new activity calendar 
      • Update the month and clear any notes
    • Activity that would require additional services, promotion or are an opportunity to build upon in any way such as a premium download that may now require a nurture sequence.
  • Refer back to the client’s promotional calendar (should be supplied during the strategy phase) and consider any activity that would be required for items like a seasonal promotion or an upcoming event.

Step 3 

  • Review notes from the internal review looking for ideas suggested and add these as line items. 

Step 4 

  • Consider activity that would address dips and areas for improvement as well as ways to further optimise areas that are performing well. Add ideas (not already included by the step above) in as a line item. 

Step 5 

  • Open the points pricing document. For any items not carried over from the previous activity plan, search for an already defined price. Add this price into the points column on your 90-day activity plan. 

If there is an item not currently part of the points pricing document, see the How to request a new points pricing item or change

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