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  • Date created: 9/08/2019
  • Date last updated: 9/08/2019

List segmentation is required for any email send including database emails, nurture sequences, and newsletters. They allow further insight into the contact collected within the database and help to inform those who could be removed from the database. Lists are also used for reporting and lead scoring. Segmentation is used to divide your contacts into personas or can be based on activity or any other commonality that is shared by a group of contacts.  

Step 1

Determine the criteria.

Who are you looking to segment into this list? 

Are you looking for contact, deal or company properties to segment by? A simple and common example would be to create a list of everyone who filled out a form to download a particular ebook. Your plan is to send a nurture sequence to this list. 

Step 2

Review this article to discover more about the filters you will use to find the right contacts

Step 3

Check out this video: Navigate to 'Lists

Step 4

Name your list using any predefined naming mechanisms agreed by the team. 

Step 5

Check out this video: Use filters to create the list

Step 6

Save the list.

Notes: It may take a few minutes for the list to pull the estimated contacts. You can exit the screen once you have selected ‘save’ as the list will continue to find contacts if they’re not all pulled in right away. 

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