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  • Department: Expert Practices
  • Responsible: Sales Services
  • Accountable: Sales Services Consultant
  • Consult: Client Delivery team
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  • Date created: 01/08/2019
  • Date last updated: 01/08/2019

It’s important to use this process to ensure consistency of training and training follow-up for all clients.

Step 1 of the process

Arrange training (date and time,) and request a list of attendees.

Agree delivery method with client (online vs onsite).

Session should be booked for 1 hour and 30 minutes to cover questions and any overrun.

NB: Ensure you have access to the clients Hubspot portal and have access to their sales tools via partner sales access (use this form to request access.)

Step 2 of the process

Prior to the session, sign in to Hubspot and prepare all the tabs you will need to have open. If you are demonstrating emailing, you will need to be signed into both BabelQuest's and the clients portal.

Familiarise yourself with the clients deal pipeline.

If you have not delivered training before - do at least 2 practise run throughs - look at the video guides for reference.

Step 3 of the process

Structure of session:

  • Getting help - Hubspot help centre, community forums, BabelQuest contact.
  • Settings, Profile and Notifications - Adding a photo and telephone number, changing the notifications settings .
  • Setting up your Hubspot Meeting Link - Walk everyone through connecting their google/outlook calendars and creating their first meeting link (following the Hubspot Prompts) and s them how to set a meeting up from scratch.
  • Creating and using Contact records & using the Timeline;
    • Show how to create a contact record via the contacts screen.
    • Tour of timeline and what is displayed.
    • Filtering contacts, creating saved filters.
    • Be sure to cover private vs public saved filters.
    • Show how to add a saved filter as a favourite.
    • Show how to log calls/emails.
    • How to call and email via Hubspot - how to set up and log a meeting via Hubspot.
    • If applicable show meeting/call types.
  • Creating deals - Show how to create a deal from the deals screen, from a contact record and from a company record. Ensure you show how to associate contacts and companies with deals.
  • The deals Pipeline - Show the clients deal pipeline. Cover filtering deals, saved filters, table v board view. Cover how to move deals from one stage to another. If mandatory properties are present - show how they manifest and what to do. 
  • Tasks - Walk them through the task tab. Show how to create tasks (for yourself or other team members), how to sort and tick off tasks. Ensure you show that tasks can be created via contact, deal and company records as well as in the task screen.
  • Creating and using Task Queues - Demonstrate how to create and use a task queue.
  • Emailing with Hubspot (Gmail/Outlook) - Show how the Hubspot email features manifest within Gmail and Outlook, cover log and track functionality. It's important to go into detail about exclusion lists and domain exclusions.
  • Emailing with Hubspot - Cover sending an email direct from the CRM. Demonstrate templates, sequences and documents. 
  • Creating/using Templates - Show how to create an email template. Cover best practise around naming convention, ensure you talk about using contact tokens in the emails, upsell opportunity for sales content creation or review.
  • Building Sequences - Show how to build a sequence from templates - be sure to cover threading and mixing emails and tasks for impact.
  • Sending Sequences - Go through how to fire an email sequence. NB they can be personalised and edited prior to sending.
  • Uploading and tracking documents - Show how to upload documents and insert tracked documents in an email. Don’t forget to touch on adding the email gate for people the document is shared with. Show an example of the tracking report (recommend the Adestra proposal in our portal.)
  • The Hubspot Learning Centre - Show the Hubspot learning centre and specifically recommend the sales software certification.

Step 4 of the process

Follow up with an email to all attendees, include a video guide, pdf Guide and links to the Hubspot Learning Centre.

Video Guide

PDF Guide

Offer all attendees a 15 minute individual follow up session within two weeks to ask questions or solve problems. Include your meeting link so that they can book.


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