About this process

  • Department: Client Delivery
  • Responsible: Client Delivery
  • Accountable: Operations Manager
  • Consult: Managing Director
  • Inform: BabelQuest
  • Date created: 10/05/19
  • Date last updated: 10/05/19

This ensures we invoice clients for all the work we deliver and can reconcile invoices from third parties, reconcile them against what we are ‘purchasing’ and maintain profitability. 

Step 1 of the process

If a client asks for additional activity, use the points pricing list to advise the cost of the additional points.  If the task is outside of the listed activity, speak to a member of the senior team to clarify the points to charge and add the item to the ‘Change Requests’ tab on the internal points pricing list.

If the activity is a project and non-standard activity (including where a third party quote and activity is being charged for), speak to either Becky, Eric or Vaughn for a quotation.  

If the activity is completed by a third-party and is being covered by the points pricing, sign-off is still required by the senior team - this needs noting on the spreadsheet.

Step 2 of the process

  1. If a quotation is required (e.g. it is not covered under their retained agreement), then either Eric or Lily will raise the quotation from the CRM. In order to do this, email Eric and Lily with the details
  2. If no quotation is required as you would like the activity to be paid for by points, then Laura needs to sign this off.  If Laura is OOO, then one of the Directors can do this. Once the third party quote and confirmed the points being charged is agreed, complete the ‘Third-party invoice tracker’ tab on the 2019 - Upsell or Outsource within Client Delivery. 

Step 3 of the process

Once signed (quotation or points) by the client, you can schedule in the work in Teamwork or schedule the activity with the third party.

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