About this process

  • Department: Content Services
  • Responsible: Content Services
  • Accountable: Head of Content
  • Consult: N/A
  • Inform: N/A
  • Date created: 06/06/19
  • Date last updated: 06/06/19

From time to time, a freelance writer, content strategist or editor may get in touch to enquire about work. It’s unlikely you’ll want to work with them there and then but that doesn’t mean they need to be forgotten about. Here, we explain where to save their details for the future.

Step 1 of the process

Whoever has been contacted should open the ‘freelance writer spreadsheet’. 

Step 2 of the process

The person responsible should populate the spreadsheet with the new entry, including the contact’s name, email address, specialist industries, and date of last contact. In the ‘Last Worked Together’ column, add ‘New’.

Topics: Content Processes