The answer is 42. But what’s the question?


Our company name, BabelQuest, was inspired by the Hitchhiker’s Guide;     co-founder Eric Murphy is a massive fan of Douglas Adam’s legendary 1970’s sci-fi novel.

In the Guide, an enormous computer called Deep Thought was built to answer the 'ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything'.

After much deliberation, the answer turned out to be 42…but Deep Thought points out that the answer seems meaningless, because the beings who instructed it never actually knew what the question was in the first place. 


There are two massively important points here:


1.  Whatever you're trying to find out, you've got to ask good questions to get worthwhile answers.

2. There's no point in asking the universe what the meaning of life is. It doesn't care about you, and it won't answer.


Stop shouting into the void of the internet about what you do, and start asking your prospects questions about how you can help them!

(Haven't read the Hitchhiker's Guide? Let us know and we'll send you a copy!)




In the Hitchhiker’s Guide, a Babel Fish can simultaneously translate between different languages.


Like the Babel Fish, we can enable communication between you and your prospects. Our 'Quest' is to lead your company out of the ‘great din of voices’ on the internet and towards your goal of business growth.


So firstly, DON’T PANIC! If you feel like Arthur Dent - all alone in the universe - we are here to help, not least by helping you to ask better questions. Just watch out for Vogon poetry, and do try to remember your towel.