Answering common questions and concerns raised during the COVID-19 pandemic, Eric Murphy (co-founder and Head of Revenue at BabelQuest), and Olivia Kirwan (Channel Account Manager at HubSpot) will help you answer:

  • How do we create a business case for investing in marketing right now?

  • How do we position the value of digital marketing over offline marketing, in order to get investment in our digital capabilities?

  • How do we up-skill our people to do more digital marketing internally, rather than rely on outsourcing to agencies?

  • How do we prioritise demands for better reporting, with the need for data cleansing?

  • How is HubSpot responding with COVID-19 to help employees?

  • How is HubSpot responding with COVID-19 to adapt your product?

  • How can HubSpot software help during COVID-19?

You’ll also hear how BabelQuest and Hubspot are supporting their partners, customers and employees throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and how our own marketing and sales are helping us adapt.

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Eric Murphy,

Co-Founder and Head of Revenue, BabelQuest

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Olivia Kirwan,

Channel Account Manager, HubSpot