BabelQuest commits to help make homelessness a thing of the past by supporting local charity Homeless Oxfordshire with ongoing marketing and fundraising activities.

Homeless Oxfordshire, whose vision is to make homelessness a thing of the past, fulfils a vital role across the county, providing accommodation for over 200 people a night and serving 75,000 meals a year for Oxfordshire’s homeless.

‘Street homelessness has a significant impact on physical and mental health’, Oxford City Council reports. ‘[It] is dangerous, frightening and isolating. Rough sleepers are more likely to be victims of crime and exploitation, and are 17 times more likely to be victims of violence than the general public.’

‘The number of rough sleepers in Oxford has increased by 175% since 2012.’ Homeless Oxfordshire

To help, Homeless Oxfordshire offers a range of housing options for men and women living on the streets while encouraging the county’s homeless people to take up a variety of training, education, and activities essential to promoting physical and mental wellbeing. Oxfordshire’s housing crisis, and the charity’s wider cause, struck a chord with the members of the BabelQuest team, many of whom recognise or have felt the impact of the county’s growing house prices in one way or another. 

For many men and women living on Oxfordshire’s streets, the reality of becoming homeless is sudden and unavoidable. ‘My landlady wanted to sell the house’, revealed Penny, speaking with Homeless Oxfordshire. ‘She only gave me two weeks to leave and I couldn’t find anywhere suitable or that I could afford to rent privately – so I became homeless.’

Through the hard work and support of Homeless Oxfordshire, Penny’s story gets better, but the scale of the problem means there’s still lots of work to be done. In 2018, over 550 people turned to the charity for vital survival means.

‘In Oxford, the average house price of £491,900 is around 16 times the average yearly household income of £29,400.’ Homeless Oxfordshire

The cause is also close to our company values, in particular our mission to help start meaningful conversations between organisations and their audiences.

‘There is a lot of stigma attached to being homeless and someone might feel they don’t want anyone to know’, says Penny, ‘but that’s the worst thing, because if nobody knows then nobody can help you.’

Everyone needs a home. We look forward to bringing open-mindedness, transparency and enthusiasm to the marketing and fundraising activities we carry out in support of Homeless Oxfordshire, helping to raise awareness of the charity, reduce the stigma associated with being homeless and encourage people living on the streets to find their voices and speak up.

BeckyFor more information, please contact:
Becky Murphy, Managing Director, BabelQuest
phone: 01235 313555

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