The HUG is a great opportunity for you to grow your network, meet new people, and learn new things over an evening of insightful, informal sales and marketing sessions. 

The focus on this summer’s HUG at the Jericho Tavern on August 15th was around helping businesses grow at the delight stage of the flywheel with the goal of ensuring positive customer experiences, increasing loyalty, reducing friction, and forming meaningful relationships. 

The August HUG featured presentations from Janice Hewitt and Gem Latimer, both inbound strategists at BabelQuest, as well as Emma Browning, MD at Meraki HR. They dove deep into how to make your customers feel a part of your team, how to use HubSpot to fuel your customer’s lifecycle, and delighting your employees to delight your customers.

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Delighting your customersDelighting Your Customers at the August Oxford HUG

‘I often feel marketing is the most removed from customer teams and getting that customer contact is quite difficult’, revealed Hollie Higa, our marketing manager. On the front line when it comes to delighting her customers, one of our writers, Alice Crick, also shared her thoughts on the subject: ‘It can take a while for some businesses to build trust with their customers. It’s good to see the quick wins you can achieve to drive this forward and really build momentum.’

The presenters examined the importance of exceeding a customer’s expectations and keeping that constant contact with them. It’s all about relationship building, getting closer than ever to your customers, listening, responding, and in the end, turning them into advocates and promoters for your business:

‘Nowadays, customers expect so much more from you and so it’s really important to listen to them and really think about them throughout the entire flywheel’, explained Gem. ‘If you want people to be promoting you and really get that flywheel moving, the delight stage is one of the most important stages.’

Ultimately, you want to reduce friction. If you want to be spinning this flywheel and get faster and faster, you don’t want to have the delight stage hitting a bump. You don’t want to miss out on opportunities. You want to fix problems early before they give up on your product or service. Gem Latimer

Knowing the customer’s journey inside and out, personalisation, and tailored communication are all key aspects to serving your customers well.

Customer advocacy starts from withinDelighting Your Customers at the August Oxford HUG

Before you can delight your customers, you must first delight your employees. This was the message at the core of Emma Browning’s session, which shone a bright light on the old saying, ‘Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business’. What does employee delight mean exactly? HUG attendees contributed their own answers, describing it as ‘a sense of achievement’, ‘empowerment’ and ‘respect.’

Employee delight, or employee engagement, is ‘the emotional commitment your employees have to the organisation and its goals’, Emma revealed it’s about your employees’ emotional investment in their work and the company. Only delighted employees can genuinely delight their customers, make them feel truly included, and provide positive experiences.

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As well as our regular attendees, there were some fresh faces at this quarter’s event, Imelda Kervin, Credit Manager at Harley-Davidson Europe Ltd said ‘This was my first time attending the HUG and so it was interesting to see what it’s all about.’

Camilla Clarke, Account Executive at Tamarindo Communication was also eager to take part in the night’s presentations and share her own experiences with the other attendees. ‘Tonight’s HUG was great. It was really informative and helpful. I’m definitely going to convince all my colleagues to come to the next one!’

If you’re interested in meeting us at the next HUG in November, the focus will be on automation and how this can help you to deliver personalised communications — at scale. Sign-up now to receive updates and secure your spot!

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