This year, we said goodbye to summer and - figuratively - went back to school with the company’s first annual BabelFest.

Our very own Festival of Culture, BabelFest was a day dedicated to embodying our company values, finding greater ways to practice what we preach, and reminding ourselves why we love what we do.

With talks from our INBOUND 2019-goers and a culture workshop, a town-wide scavenger hunt, and team-building activities, the day was filled to the brim. But from in-depth group discussions, all the way to the impressive displays during The Cereal Box Game (yes, there are videos), the theme of the day was wellness.

What wellness means to us

Marking a Milestone: Our First Annual BabelFest

From the very start, wellness has been a key focus at BabelQuest. It plays a vital role in how we partner with our clients and the support we show our employees. But just like anything, wellness looks different to everyone. So who better to lead that conversation than our team?

“To me, wellness is how we help the whole team feel trusted, valued, respected and recognised,” says our managing director, Becky, “it’s about providing tailored solutions for everyone: flexible workspaces and hours, defined processes and efficient operations, empowerment through accountability, and a safe environment where everyone is encouraged to make calculated decisions (and sometimes mistakes).”

"In a nutshell, we want to make sure we’re having meaningful discussions and creating a positive impact as a result of what we see and hear."

“With the launch of the Employee Forum earlier this year, and our new Wellness Champion this month, we’re taking positive steps to achieve what’s most important to our team,” continues Becky, “no business is perfect — we have lots of work to do and growth can be disruptive. But as we continue to grow, wellness will remain a core to our culture and values, and one of our biggest priorities.”

Celebrating culture as a growing team

BabelFest wasn’t just a chance to put our pencils down for the day. This summer, our team expanded by eight fantastic marketing, sales, and content specialists, and we wanted to celebrate and honour that. Here’s what Gem, our Inbound Strategist, Wellness Champion, and BabelFest coordinator had to say:

“The BabelQuest team has really grown this year and it felt right to bring everyone together for the day. Culture is a key part of BabelQuest and why we all love working here. Celebrating that while getting to know one another a little better was great. I think the cereal box game may now be a bit of a BQ tradition…"

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Looking to the future

So what was the greatest takeaway of the day? Hard to pick just one. BabelFest was an opportunity to take a step back, reflect on how far we’ve come, and recognise the determination, expertise, and perseverance of our team. It was a chance to be curious, to be inquisitive and to discover something new. Above all else, it was a day to look forward to the future of BabelQuest.

Sure, we may not be sitting in front of a blackboard waiting for the lesson to start anymore. But it doesn’t mean the learning has to stop, right?

Sound like somewhere you’d like to work? We’re always on the lookout for passionate, results-driven individuals to join the team — click the image below to find out more.

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