For our last HUG of the year, we decided to change gears, opting for a daytime event packed with practical sessions and with more presenters than ever before!


On November 14th, business professionals from across Oxfordshire converged on the Oxford Science Park for this year’s final Oxford HUG (HubSpot User Group).

The focus of this session was automation and how it creates a constant point of contact between your brand and your audience. Not only can automation drive engagement, but it generates meaningful interactions and positive experiences for both people and businesses.

The event featured a number of informative presentations from some of BabelQuest’s Inbound Marketers and our Head of Revenue Eric Murphy, as well as one of HubSpot’s Customer Onboarding Specialists, Giada Tedesco.

Let’s take a closer look at what the speakers covered and what was learned. 


Nurturing relationships through automationRemoving Friction with Automation at the November HUG

Giada opened the morning with her session on using automation to nurture relationships throughout the buying cycle. She discussed the different points of friction in the flywheel as prospects and customers move through the attract, engage and delight phases, and provided some helpful lead nurturing tips.

“Lead nurturing automation allows you to build relationships with a prospect with the goal of earning their business when they are ready.” Giada Tedesco

From having a SMART goal and defining your audience to using personalisation, automating your lead nurturing can help you understand the buyer’s journey and tailor it to the phase your prospect or customer is in.

“You must always adjust and align your strategy based on the business. There’s no one-size-fits-all,” explained Giada. “The more you increase speed and decrease friction in your flywheel, the more you’ll create promoters for your business.”


Optimising engagement with email automationRemoving Friction with Automation at the November HUG

Following Giada’s presentation, two members of our marketing team Chris Carver and Bridget Reid took the floor to discuss the use of email automation for optimising engagement and driving growth.

“Every customer is different. Their needs can vary. There are several elements of an email that you can optimise for each customer to drive more results for your business,” explained Bridget. One of the most important email automation tools, Seventh Sense, enables users to do just that. It’s a tool that allows you to optimise email frequency and send times based on an individual’s habits, increasing deliverability and reducing friction between teams. 

“Seventh Sense provides visibility across all teams. It gives you a better view of where your contacts sit, allowing you to know exactly when to reach out and boost engagement.” Chris Carver


Automating social media marketing

As the morning’s presentations continued, Stefanie Ghamloush, Senior Inbound Marketer at BabelQuest, explained how marketing automation can also be used to benefit social activity.

With nearly three billion people using social media around the world, it’s getting harder and harder to cut through the noise. HubSpot’s social media scheduling tool can help. By gathering data on your contacts’ social activity, it’s able to recommend the optimal time for you to publish content so that they will see and engage with it.

“Not only can you monitor trending hashtags, but you can compare platforms and see which posts are getting the most engagement. You can understand why your social strategy is working. This way you can target the right people at the right time, making sure your leads are high-quality and genuine.” Stefanie Ghamloush

For all these data-driven marketing insights, automation shouldn’t mean your social posts become cold or impersonal. As Stephanie put it, “People don’t want to buy from robots.”

Taking the time to define your buyer personas plays an important part in protecting against this. “Personas tell you what your target buyers engage with, what they like to talk about, when they’re most likely to be online, and what platforms they use.” You can use these insights to write and publish more authentic social posts that humanise your brand. 

Grappling with social media optimisation? Discover how to make every Tweet, Post, and update perform.


Boosting revenue potential with sales automationRemoving Friction with Automation at the November HUG

Concluding the morning’s presentations, BabelQuest’s Head of Revenue Eric Murphy revealed how to use automation to improve sales performance and increase revenue potential. As Eric went on to explore, automation actually tackles three of sales’ biggest pain points -  responsiveness, admin and visibility.

“Automation helps your speed of response to notifications. If your sales team responds faster, it will make a big difference at the start of the sales funnel. You can see the impact of automation and understand the value that it brings to the table. ” Eric Murphy

Thanks to automation, tasks such as reporting, data admin and setting up dashboards become less of a burden, allowing people to save time and work more efficiently. One of the biggest challenges is introducing automation into work processes.

“Automation is powerful and it can work very well, but you need adoption,” said Eric. “For change to happen, everyone must be aligned and involved in adopting it as part of their process. Only then can you make the transformation.”

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HubSpot breakout sessions

The presentations were followed by a HubSpot clinic, giving attendees a chance to ask any questions they had on getting the most out of the platform or troubleshooting any issues.

We also hosted a free CRM setup workshop for anyone looking to get their HubSpot CRM up and running or test the platform for the first time, to see if it’s a right fit for their business.


Join us at the next HUG!

The formula might have changed but it was a pleasure as always to spend a few hours with like-minded business professionals from across the county. We were thrilled by the level of participation and some of the stimulating conversations held across the sessions. 

From lead nurturing and email to social media and sales outreach, it’s clear that automation plays a key part in removing friction and getting your flywheel spinning even faster to enable business growth.

“Automation means change, and change is hard”, shared Eric Murphy. “People have a fear of introducing it in their interactions with buyers. But, the reality is that buyers love it. You’re immediately more responsive and it’s actually helpful to the buyer.”

Are you looking to join one of our HUGs next year? Stay tuned and follow us on LinkedIn for any updates.


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