Our approach is simple; we tailor everything we do to your buyer and your business. This means:

 Strategy is integral to everything we do. We think about how every piece of work fits into your overall strategy and the buyer's journey for your business, and will always provide you with our insight and recommendations

✓ We are focused on making a positive impact to your business in the shortest time possible

 We will only undertake a piece of work for you if we are confident it will make a positive difference to your business. We will never sign a contract ‘just for the money’

How we work with clients

We offer three options for working together:

We have three options for working together



A retainer - to provide ongoing strategic input and implementation support


Project Work

If you have pre-defined pieces of work that you want help with


Ad-hoc Support

Purchase a block of hours from us, to be used for smaller items as needed


Our preferred approach is to work with you in partnership (ie on a retainer basis). In our experience, this promotes shared responsibility and accountability, which ultimately produces the best results. However, we understand this may not be possible for everyone, which is why we also offer other options for working together.

Why Inbound?

Everything we do is underpinned by the inbound methodology.


Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing draws online visitors ‘in’ by providing useful content that is found when researching a purchase or problem on the internet. Many businesses find that the leads generated by their website are lacking in quality or quantity. The reason for this is that the traditional marketing model no longer works; the buyer is now in control. 


Almost every purchase decision now starts with buyers doing their own research online. You therefore need to make sure that your content is found during the research process, and that there is a process in place that moves prospects towards becoming customers.


Inbound Sales


Around 80% of buying decisions are now made outside of conversations with salespeople. In response, inbound sales puts the buyer and their needs at the centre of the sales process. This allows you to get into (and maintain) conversations with prospects and thereby reduce that 80% figure.

Inbound enables you to know who is interested in talking to you - and enough about their business to open meaningful conversation with them. 

"We decided to work with BabelQuest because of their passion, enthusiasm and energy. We wanted to inject some of that into our business."

Martin Jones, MD at LAN3