Long, complex sales cycle and need to redefine your ‘A game’? 

ABM is an exciting, strategic approach where sales and marketing work together to close big, complex deals from a discrete number of target accounts.


A Preview:

Your first challenge: getting started

The biggest problem most companies will encounter with this approach is simply getting started with ABM. There will be a lot of voices to be heard with so many people involved.

You’ll also encounter slightly different opinions of what ABM is. There are plenty of books on the subject (for example, ‘ABM for Dummies’, which came out way back in 2016). As such, perceptions of ABM can differ from person to person, which can be a major stumbling block in getting people to agree on shared plans.

My advice is that the only way you’re going to find out if ABM is right for you, your prospects, and your customers is to start with the basics and learn as you go along. The sections below are a guide to those basics, so you’ll be ready to launch your first pilot campaign.

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