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HubSpot Onboarding

Unlock the value of HubSpot from day one with our onboarding packages.

Did you know you can buy HubSpot directly from us?

We’ll work closely with the team at HubSpot to get you the best price for your platform.


Hands-on or hands-off. Your choice.

If you’ve got the resource and know-how in-house to get your teams up and running with HubSpot, you might just need our guided onboarding (the hands-off service). If you want us to do it all for you and create a HubSpot setup that aligns exactly with your business, you might need an advanced implementation (as the name probably suggest, this is pretty hands-on).


Guided onboarding

You tell us what your goals are for the Hubs you are buying, from generating more leads, automating your sales process or providing customers with a better service. We’ll then build an onboarding plan just for you and guide you through the setup. If you need some extra advice on anything from integrations and data to merging portals, we can add on some extra consulting.


Advanced implementations

We’ll scope and build the HubSpot portal that will transform your business. That might be a multi-country unit setup like we created for GlobeEducate, building entirely customised functionality like we did for VFE, or setting up HubSpot to work across different business units like CEG.


We're accredited.

Earned through two rounds of assessments, the HubSpot Onboarding Accreditation proves we've got the skills and strategic experience required to onboard large enterprise customers onto HubSpot.


Got an RFP?

If you know what you need and have an RFP prepared, you can submit it using the link below.


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If you want to get in touch to see how we can help, either book a meeting using the calendar to the left or fill out the form and we’ll either call you back or drop you an email to find a convenient time to talk.

Frequently asked questions

Once we’ve got everything we need from you, we’ll aim to get started within a week. 

The key differences: familiarity and flexibility. We onboard a lower number of customers onto HubSpot than HubSpot themselves. Naturally, this means we get to know our customers and their businesses a little better and can provide more personalised advice. We’re also more flexible because we offer a wide variety of HubSpot services which you can usually add as you go along.

Yes - but you might be able to get a discount if you are onboarding the entire Growth Suite.

HubSpot CRM lays the foundation for all Hubs - and is therefore included as standard in your subscription for free. Getting HubSpot CRM configured correctly so it is aligned across all Hubs will ensure you are set up for success and ensure you have data points to work from and report on. If you want us to work with you to scope out what your business needs from HubSpot CRM, you’ll want some extra consultancy.

We’ve got lots of options available for you, from ongoing support which gives you access to expertise across our team when you need it, full-service marketing partnerships where we can act as an extension of your marketing team, to help building your website on HubSpot.

This is dependant on which Hub you are onboarding, but here are some things we might ask for to help us get you up and running as quickly as possible:

HubSpot onboarding checklist:

  • Access to the web server to update DNS records for email and web
  • Admin access to current CMS to add the HubSpot tracking code
  • Super Admin access to Social Media accounts, Google Analytics/Search Console and Ads accounts (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.)
  • GDPR guidelines to hand, or a contact person in the legal department
  • List of users and email addresses
  • If using Outlook, Super Admin access to Email Client Configuration
  • Details of desired deal stages

You’ll be assigned to a dedicated HubSpot Onboarding and Support Specialist. Once we know what your goals are with HubSpot, we'll use the project management tool to build a series of step-by-step 'projects' for you to complete which are aligned with what you want to achieve, and you'll be able to access them directly within your portal. The projects might be building your first campaign, configuring reports, designing workflows, using sales sequences...the list goes on!