The Growing Importance of Customer Service for B2B

Posted by Tom Brown on June 18 2018

Read time: 5 minutes


In the same way that marketing feeds sales, your services should be feeding marketing, highlighting the growing importance of customer service for B2B. 

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Topics: Business Growth

How a Desire to Understand His Customers Inspired a Salesperson to Complete All 20 HubSpot Academy Certifications

Posted by Chris Grant on June 18 2018

 Read time: 13 minutes


Buyers should not be asked to understand the salesperson’s solution and how it can help with their own goals. Instead, the salesperson should understand the buyer's goals and how their own solution can help achieve those goals.’ Mark Roberge, The Sales Acceleration Formula (read it if you haven’t already!)

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Topics: Marketing Insights

How Deal Strategy Will Help Your Sales Team to Close More Deals

Posted by Tom Brown on June 11 2018

Read time: 4 minutes


There will always be scenarios when sales reps need additional support or guidance. When this occurs, deal strategy could be the winning solution.

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Topics: Sales

How Tech Data Built Thousands of Customer Relationships for its Resellers Through Complex Workflow Automation

Posted by Eric Murphy on June 01 2018

Read time: 7 minutes


Today, your existing customers are one of your biggest opportunities for business growth. But building strong customer relationships at scale can be a challenge, especially at enterprise level.

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Topics: Business Growth, HubSpot, Case Studies, Marketing Insights

How to Calculate ROMI and Prove a Return on Your Marketing Spend

Posted by Tom Brown on May 24 2018

Read time: 6 minutes


Many organisations are seeing a significant return on marketing investments (ROMI) but for others this is still a pipe dream. Where exactly are they going wrong?

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Business Growth, Marketing Insights

How Could You Benefit From Buying HubSpot Through a Partner Agency?

Posted by Tom Brown on May 14 2018

Read time: 5 minutes


Before you board the HubSpot train, there’s one question you might not have asked yourself yet. Should you buy direct through HubSpot or through a partner agency?

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Topics: HubSpot

Webinar: From Conversion to Conversation: Getting Lead Nurturing Right For Your Business

Posted by Gem Latimer on April 30 2018

Read time: N/A (kick back with a coffee and watch!)


Pushing a sales conversation too soon can ruin your chances of closing a deal. Nurture your contacts after they have converted to move them towards a conversation when they are ready.

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Topics: Webinar

An Actual, Practical Guide to Doing a HubSpot Portal Audit

Posted by Gem Latimer on April 26 2018

Read time: 9 minutes


It’s easy to forget that our own view isn’t the only way of looking at things. For me, one such moment came when I was showing Eleni, our new Client Relationship Manager, around HubSpot last week.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, HubSpot

The Three Small Words That Will Transform Your Sales and Marketing

Posted by Tom Brown on April 19 2018

Read time: video (kick back and watch)


Leads that close. As three words go, they're small, and on their own they don't carry much weight, but put them together and you have several things.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Business Growth

Invite Your Customers to the Table with a Unique Value Proposition

Posted by Tom Brown on April 16 2018

Read time: 4 minutes


An inability to communicate your business' value and why your customers should buy from you could be seriously limiting your ability to generate leads that close.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing

Running the Content Development Process Like a Newsroom

Posted by Tom Brown on April 06 2018

Read time: 11 minutes

Marketing isn’t journalism, but we could still learn a thing or two about the editorial process from the industry that has perfected it.

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Topics: Content Creation

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