The Three Small Words That Will Transform Your Sales and Marketing

Posted by Tom Brown on April 19 2018

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Leads that close. As three words go, they're small, and on their own they don't carry much weight, but put them together and you have several things.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Business Growth

Invite Your Customers to the Table with a Unique Value Proposition

Posted by Tom Brown on April 16 2018

Read time: 6 minutes


An inability to communicate your business' value and why your customers should buy from you could be seriously limiting your ability to generate leads that close.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing

From Editorial Calendar to Approval: Running the Content Development Process Like a Newsroom

Posted by Tom Brown on April 06 2018

Read time: 11 minutes

Marketing isn’t journalism, but we could still learn a thing or two about the editorial process from the industry that has perfected it.

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Topics: Content Creation

What the Easter Bunny Can Teach Us About the Power of Storytelling in B2B Marketing

Posted by Tom Brown on March 27 2018

Read time: 7 minutes


What can the Easter Bunny teach us about the power of storytelling in B2B marketing, and how can we apply narrative content lessons in our activities? Read More

Topics: Inbound Marketing

A Day in the Life of a Junior Content Writer at BabelQuest

Posted by Alice Crick on March 14 2018

Read time: 4 minutes


Grab a cup of tea (or coffee!) and dive in as I share a day in my life as a Junior Content Writer at BabelQuest. It’s busy, varied, and most importantly a lot of fun!

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Topics: Company Culture

Cut the Crap: What Is Inbound Marketing And How Do I Get Started?

Posted by Becky Murphy on March 08 2018

Read time: 13 minutes


Here we offer an introduction to and overview of inbound marketing, including what it is, what the benefits are, how long it takes, and how much it costs. We've also included advice on steps to follow if you want to get started with inbound.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing

Going Diamond: BabelQuest Awarded Top-Tier Status by HubSpot After Generating Massive Growth for Our Clients

Posted by Tom Brown on February 20 2018

From the first day we started this business, we’ve always believed that businesses need to focus on generating leads that close if they want to grow. That’s why everything we do at BabelQuest revolves around achieving this.

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How to Roll Out a CRM Across Your Business (And Make Sure Sales Is On Board With It)

Posted by Tom Brown on February 12 2018

Read time: 6 minutes


A CRM rollout is almost guaranteed to meet with resistance. What steps can you take to minimise this and make sure your sales team is actually using your shiny new CRM?

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Topics: HubSpot CRM

Helping Marketers Build a Business Case for Inbound

Posted by Tom Brown on January 03 2018

Read time: 5 minutes


If you're looking to build a business case for inbound,  you'll need buy-in from the person(s) in charge. Find out how ‘the three-sale sale’ approach could help.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing

There’s Something Else Questions Do That’s at Least as Important as Their Answers

Posted by Tom Brown on December 18 2017

Read time: 5 minutes


Questions open our eyes to who we are and where we want to be. That’s incredibly valuable—especially when what you’re looking at is your company’s future.

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Topics: Business Growth

HubSpot COS vs Wordpress CMS: A Comparison Guide

Posted by Savio Campitiello on November 17 2017

Read time: 16 minutes


There are many CMS platforms today. Learn about the differences between HubSpot COS vs Wordpress CMS in this detailed comparison guide.

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Topics: HubSpot COS

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