How to Generate Leads that Close [Volume 1]

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  • Covering all the core areas of an effective inbound marketing strategy to help you generate leads that actually close into business
  • Evaluate any missing elements in your current inbound marketing activities
  • Get ideas for improving ROI by generating more leads that close
  • Get a fresh perspective on the relationship between inbound marketing and lead generation
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How to set up your inbound marketing strategy

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  • Learn how to identify your target buyers and the journey they're taking
  • Discover everything you need to set up and implement an inbound marketing strategy for your business
  • Define your core marketing and sales activities that will help you to reach your goals
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HubSpot Portal Audit Workbook

  • Identify what's working and what's not in your inbound strategy
  • Streamline the handover process between marketing and sales
  • Identify warning signals
  • Make full use of your HubSpot portal
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Marketing Audit Checklist

  • Identify the strengths in your marketing activities
  • Diagnose your company's marketing shortcomings and troubleshoot them
  • Discover the next steps to take for marketing activities that could be working harder for you
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What Should I Automate in Sales and Marketing?

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  • Scale sales prospecting of website visitors with email automation
  • Enable better sales conversations with activity-based workflows
  • Drive qualified demand to sales with conversational marketing
  • Answer customer FAQs with conversational marketing
  • Create a scalable advocacy program with feedback
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The Beginner’s Guide to Content Strategy and Implementation

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  • Help your team start creating content that actually delivers on its goals
  • Understand why content matters in 2019
  • Learn everything you need to set up and implement a content strategy for your business
  • Discover how to use content across sales, marketing, and services to generate revenue and grow better
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Pillar Page SEO Research Template

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  • Use this spreadsheet template to guide you through all the research stages to win a top spot in the SERPs and boost traffic for your chosen topic
  • Complete your keyword research
  • Audit your current topic content
  • Set up your pillar page and plan out each section
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Content Audit Template

  • Organise all your content resources in one document
  • Share with the company to use as part of the sales process
  • Identify what pieces of content you want to keep for further promotion
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5 Benefits to Using Your Inbound Agency’s Content Experts

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  • The challenges of creating content in-house or using freelancers
  • How to use the expertise of your inbound agency for content
  • Five ways an agency can help you to create better content
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From Data to Insight to Action

  • All the steps you should follow to organise and analyse data to produce valuable insights
  • Solve the data puzzle
  • Learn to collect meaningful data
  • Find tips for managing data integrations
  • Discover what data means and what to do with these insights
  • Explore how to use data to drive growth
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The SMEs Guide to Choosing, Migrating and Rolling out a New CRM

  • Put your customer records in reach of everyone who needs them
  • Transform business performance, enhance customer relationships and drive revenue growth
  • Broaching the subject of a new CRM
  • Why your choice of CRM should be driven by your sales team
  • Creating a business case for a new CRM
  • How to prepare for the technical migration
  • Onboarding and user adoption
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CRM Scoping Template

  • Identify the business requirements that matter when scoping your new CRM 
  • Spot potential roadblocks and challenges in implementing a new CRM before they occur, minimising risk
  • Pinpoint the issues with your current CRM so you can find a fit-for-purpose CRM
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How to Sell More and Grow Better Volume 2

  • Help your team improve sales productivity, win more deals and close more revenue
  • Discover ideas for aligning your sales team with marketing
  • Follow an inbound sales template that puts your prospects first
  • Learn how to improve your sales process
  • Learn how to sell more and close repeatable, scalable revenue, month on month
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A Practical Guide to HubSpot Integrations

  • Discover how integrations can transform business operations and provide a 360-degree view of your customer data
  • Manage your integrations across HubSpot
  • Find out the best technical questions to ask prior to implementation
  • Build a business case for new integrations and get buy-in
  • Explore the possibilities with HubSpot integrations
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Getting Started with ABM: Your 8-Step Guide to Account-Based Marketing

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  • What exactly ABM is and how it can benefit your business
  • The challenges you will have to conquer in your ABM strategy
  • Which tools you can use to help
  • A step-by-step approach to a powerful start with ABM
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