How to Generate Leads that Close [Volume 1]

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  • Covering all the core areas of an effective inbound marketing strategy to help you generate leads that actually close into business
  • Evaluate any missing elements in your current inbound marketing activities
  • Get ideas for improving ROI by generating more leads that close
  • Get a fresh perspective on the relationship between inbound marketing and lead generation
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How to set up your inbound marketing strategy

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  • Learn how to identify your target buyers and the journey they're taking
  • Discover everything you need to set up and implement an inbound marketing strategy for your business
  • Define your core marketing and sales activities that will help you to reach your goals
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HubSpot Portal Audit Workbook

  • Identify what's working and what's not in your inbound strategy
  • Streamline the handover process between marketing and sales
  • Identify warning signals
  • Make full use of your HubSpot portal
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Marketing Audit Checklist

  • Identify the strengths in your marketing activities
  • Diagnose your company's marketing shortcomings and troubleshoot them
  • Discover the next steps to take for marketing activities that could be working harder for you
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What Should I Automate in Sales and Marketing?

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  • Scale sales prospecting of website visitors with email automation
  • Enable better sales conversations with activity-based workflows
  • Drive qualified demand to sales with conversational marketing
  • Answer customer FAQs with conversational marketing
  • Create a scalable advocacy program with feedback
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Conversion Optimisation Checklist

CRO Checklist-leaflet
  • 11 steps to go through to ensure you are optimising your website conversions
  • Expert guidance on identifying optimisation opportunities
  • Get ideas for different types of premium content
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The Beginner’s Guide to Content Strategy and Implementation

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  • Help your team start creating content that actually delivers on its goals
  • Understand why content matters in 2019
  • Learn everything you need to set up and implement a content strategy for your business
  • Discover how to use content across sales, marketing, and services to generate revenue and grow better
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Pillar Page SEO Research Template

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  • Use this spreadsheet template to guide you through all the research stages to win a top spot in the SERPs and boost traffic for your chosen topic
  • Complete your keyword research
  • Audit your current topic content
  • Set up your pillar page and plan out each section
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Content Audit Template

  • Organise all your content resources in one document
  • Share with the company to use as part of the sales process
  • Identify what pieces of content you want to keep for further promotion
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5 Benefits to Using Your Inbound Agency’s Content Experts

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  • The challenges of creating content in-house or using freelancers
  • How to use the expertise of your inbound agency for content
  • Five ways an agency can help you to create better content
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How to Build an Effective Content Strategy in 8 steps

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  • Define your goals
  • Use positioning and tone of voice
  • Build a process to generate ideas
  • Manage the production process
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From Data to Insight to Action

  • All the steps you should follow to organise and analyse data to produce valuable insights
  • Solve the data puzzle
  • Learn to collect meaningful data
  • Find tips for managing data integrations
  • Discover what data means and what to do with these insights
  • Explore how to use data to drive growth
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Data Hygiene Dashboard Demo

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Gem takes you through creating her recommended go-to reports for your data hygiene dashboard, including:

  • Unsubscribes
  • Bounces
  • No contact owner
  • No subscription type
  • Contact created compared to last year
  • And much more
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3-Step Framework to Improve Your Data Management

3-Step Framework to Improve Your Data Management

Take a look at our mini guide to managing your data. This 3- Step guide includes:

  • Find out what data your business needs 
  • Setting up the foundations to manage data efficiently for everyone in the business
  • How to collect the correct data from campaigns
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The SMEs Guide to Choosing, Migrating and Rolling out a New CRM

  • Put your customer records in reach of everyone who needs them
  • Transform business performance, enhance customer relationships and drive revenue growth
  • Broaching the subject of a new CRM
  • Why your choice of CRM should be driven by your sales team
  • Creating a business case for a new CRM
  • How to prepare for the technical migration
  • Onboarding and user adoption
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CRM Scoping Template

  • Identify the business requirements that matter when scoping your new CRM 
  • Spot potential roadblocks and challenges in implementing a new CRM before they occur, minimising risk
  • Pinpoint the issues with your current CRM so you can find a fit-for-purpose CRM
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The HubSpot Administrator's Handbook

BabelQuest HubSpot Administrators Handbook Cover
  • Approaching your user permissions and team structure
  • Knowing your data inside out to keep it clean and useful
  • Staying on top of changes to stay in control
  • Remaining up to date with product updates and knowing how to ask for help
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HubSpot Onboarding Checklist

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  • Aligning people and process -find out what you need to consider when building your HubSpot processes and defining the roles your colleagues play with HubSpot, now and ongoing
  • The technical stuff your onboarding partner will ask for certain things when they set up your Portal, so in this section we list out what you'll need to provide so you've got a head-start and can speed up the process
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How to Sell More and Grow Better Volume 2

  • Help your team improve sales productivity, win more deals and close more revenue
  • Discover ideas for aligning your sales team with marketing
  • Follow an inbound sales template that puts your prospects first
  • Learn how to improve your sales process
  • Learn how to sell more and close repeatable, scalable revenue, month on month
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A Practical Guide to HubSpot Integrations

  • Discover how integrations can transform business operations and provide a 360-degree view of your customer data
  • Manage your integrations across HubSpot
  • Find out the best technical questions to ask prior to implementation
  • Build a business case for new integrations and get buy-in
  • Explore the possibilities with HubSpot integrations
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Getting Started with ABM: Your 8-Step Guide to Account-Based Marketing

  • What exactly ABM is and how it can benefit your business
  • The challenges you will have to conquer in your ABM strategy
  • Which tools you can use to help
  • A step-by-step approach to a powerful start with ABM
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How to Build a Chatbot Checklist

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  • 12-point checklist to building your chatbot
  • Covering everything from objective setting, targeting, data requirements and more
  • Learn how to ensure your chatbot helps you, and your website visitors, decreasing admin for you and your team
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HubSpot 2022 State of Service Report

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  • Challenges faced by service leaders and their teams
  • Top technologies used to enable service teams
  • How service teams deliver on core service metrics
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