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Build a website that grows your business

A modern website is not a lifeless mannequin, showing off products in a digital window.

It’s a salesperson hard at work; hitting targets, gathering leads and feeding information to every corner of your business.

The website we’ll help you build will be a crucial part of your growth engine

We love to build a good looking website. But that’s not where we start. We help you create useful websites that generate business. To do that, we start with the structure and content. We build strong walls before we decorate.

Using the growth-driven design approach, you’ll get a website that’s easy to use. Your team will update it without needing any technical skills. And you’ll be able to optimise how your site performs, as you build your brand.

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Visitors want a unique experience

Your site will plug into your HubSpot platform, and any other systems you use. This means everyone in your business will have the data they need. You’ll know more about who’s visiting your pages, and how they’re interacting with them.

And here’s the really smart bit: built-in features will let you automatically change the content of a page based on who’s visiting. You can even personalise a page if you have a record of your visitor in HubSpot. Experiences don’t get much more unique than that.

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No Frankenstein’s monster here

Today’s websites are modular. And that’s how we build them. We get each piece right and the clever code (which you’ll never see) makes sure it fits together flawlessly. This way, we avoid the problems of the past, when different pages, designed around images, felt like they were nailed together by a mad scientist.

Our modular approach - which brings together smart design and powerful code - makes adding or changing content simple.

Read about the stages we went through to create custom CMS modules for our client Unmind.

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Your website gets to work, fast

1. Let’s focus

Firstly, we focus on the content. Without distractions, we look at what information lives where, and how it all fits together. We make sure your content engages your visitors, and works for search engines. This creates a wireframe.

2. Design, you’re up

We apply your brand to the content. We take the wireframe and, using what’s known as Style Tiles, prepare to build modules.

3. First peek at the pages

We turn modules into pages, and you see what your website will look like once it’s live. Together, we can stack, swap and style the modules to get the look and feel just right.

4. We go live

If we need to do some custom coding, we’ll take care of it. With the right content plan and easy-to-tweak modules, we’ll get your site up fast. And from there, you’ll grow it with every piece of content you add.

Complex website? No problem

Complexity creeps in with websites that rely on a large amount of data, pulled from different places. Permissions, partitions and approvals can also dial up the difficulty.

We’ve handled big CMS builds.

Mitsubishi asked us to create a website full of product pages. With nine countries selling different things (from forklift trucks to stackers), and a central office overseeing operations, this was a labyrinth of data points and permissions.

Each country sells 30 to 40 products, so we were collecting 50,000 data points (bits of digital information) from each national branch.

On another project, we partnered with eduMe to build a website that supported a big brand refresh. Its look and feel had to match the experience members (who work for Uber or Deliveroo) have while using the eduMe training app. The design had to feel clean, simple and modern. And we had to deliver to strict deadlines.

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Growth-driven website design delivers

With you in control of your website, there’s no need for expensive developers. And no scope creep. By using our growth-driven design process, you’ll get:

  • more conversions 
  • a better user experience for your visitors 
  • a way to personalise your site for for users 
  • support in building marketing assets. 

Growth-driven design is a mix of producing fresh content and optimising the way your website performs, all while developing your brand.

So our work doesn’t stop when your site goes live. We’ll keep helping you as it gets to work, growing your business, one tweak or update at a time.

And with the reports you’ll generate, you’ll have no problem showing the impact your website makes.

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Here's what our customers think of our HubSpot CMS services

As a Zendesk Master Partner, we identified the need for HubSpot to drive business growth in terms of adopting the correct approach to sales & marketing. However, we also recognised that we required 'experts' to be able to properly design, deploy and ...

Michael Smith

Director, Appamondo

I had a very good experience with BabelQuest. For our brand Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, we searched for a new agency to build our new website for all local business units. Quite some work, but with the help from BabelQuest it was a very nice ride. Their ...

Danique Folkerts

Marketing Communicatie Manager, Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks

SYNIMA Group partnered with BabelQuest to collaboratively deliver a new marketing platform and new website for one of our tech clients. The team did a fabulous job delivering it, in very tight timescales, right over the Christmas/New Year holiday period. ...

Tom Satchwell

Co-Founder and Partner, SYNIMA Group

The team at BabelQuest were excellent to work with from start to finish. They took the time to understand our needs, helped shape a vision for our new site in line with our budget and nailed the brief. Big thanks to Lily, Vaughn, Laura, Abi and Justyna!

Josh Lowth

Marketing Director, Microgenetics

The team at BabelQuest were efficient and never late. All actions were carried out to agreed deadlines. Very Good service received. Would use again and recommend.

Ash Buttress

Head of Commercial Waste, Lampton Community Service