Henkan Chooses BabelQuest to Make Its Website Work Harder

Management consultancy Henkan has enlisted BabelQuest to help them boost website traffic and generate a consistent volume of qualified leads.

Henkan’s referral pipeline drives a steady stream of good-fit leads, but to scale the business, they needed to grow the lead volume above and beyond that provided by referrals alone. In practice, this meant optimising their digital presence to drive more of the right kind of traffic to the website. To solve this, they knew they needed consistent marketing activity, a clear voice in the industry, and expert support to unlock the full potential of the HubSpot platform.

Andre Pereira, Business Development Lead, said: “The opportunity in our industry is huge — recent global events have meant that businesses are more aware now than ever before on the need to maximise operational efficiency and are looking for businesses like ours to help them achieve that. We have been looking for a business to work with us to define that voice and essentially become our marketing team; a business that will take responsibility for getting us heard by the right audience.”

From the BabelQuest team, taking the lead with Henkan will be Inbound Strategist Carl Griffiths. "Henkan came to us having identified a specific issue to solve: generating more traffic to their website and converting visitors into leads. Through our positioning and messaging, content, buyer persona and inbound strategy workshops, we’re now able to build a solid 12-month inbound plan which will enable Henkan to solve this challenge.”

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