Rebuilding HubSpot for Yondr Group Following Period of Rapid Growth

Global data centre operator Yondr Group has chosen BabelQuest to future-proof HubSpot in the face of exponential growth.

When HubSpot was implemented at Yondr, there were only two users in the company. Now, two years later, there are over 250 users on the platform — and some very real growing pains.

The issues, which include poor data structures, incomplete contacts, improper user settings, a lack of robust onboarding processes and most importantly, no clear objectives, will resonate with many businesses that find themselves scaling-up fast. 

With the company’s growth showing no signs of slowing down, and HubSpot continuing to add new capabilities across all Hubs, Yondr recognised that something needed to change. Marketing Communications Director Imogen Powell-Shaw identified the need to reconfigure their platform and processes so the full capabilities of HubSpot could be utilised across the business and they could achieve greater ROI on their HubSpot investment.

Imogen says “The strength of our product set and the hard work of colleagues across the business has enabled the significant growth we’ve experienced in the two years since HubSpot was implemented. If we give our users access to a platform that is expertly configured and provide them with the right training, HubSpot will scale-up with us and become a tool that plays an invaluable part in our continued growth.” 

The team at Yondr will primarily be working with Chris Grant on our Expert Practices team. 

“The rate that your business will grow is hard to predict, and unless you can look into the future you can’t guarantee that the platform you implement today will be fit for purpose in two years’ time. Instead, what you need to do is configure the platform so that it scales with you and create processes that are flexible enough to adapt as your business needs change.” Chris Grant, BabelQuest

If your business has grown and you need help to reconfigure your HubSpot portal so it aligns with the business you have today and in the future, get in touch.


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