Amplifying GrowthDrive’s Voice In A Crowded Marketplace

As a new platform in a crowded SaaS marketplace, amplifying your voice can be a challenge. This is a pain point GrowthDrive identified early on, and the team knew that finding an Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner was key to creating brand awareness.

GrowthDrive is a revolutionary app which can be installed through HubSpot marketplace to help entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs drive sustainable growth by triggering inbound referrals, attributing referrals to promoters, and keeping those promoters engaged, all while boosting virality. With such a strong product, it’s easy to assume that GrowthDrive doesn’t have to do much leg work to drive sales, but as most businesses know -products don’t sell themselves. 

Michal, GrowthDrive’s Co-Founder, needed guidance about marketing through HubSpot. After seeing us on social media and on the HubSpot Partner Directory, Michal knew that we could help. 

Now that we’ve started working together, Michal is looking forward to uncovering “low hanging fruits for better channel performance, [and] optimis[ing] leads nurturing and automation workflows in HubSpot.” 

During our first session with the GrowthDrive team, we helped to not only establish its voice, but also identify the referral tools gap the platform fills within HubSpot. With GrowthDrive, businesses can now leverage their referrals and drive virality to a higher degree. 

This key angle, paired with BabelQuest’s expertise, will boost GrowthDrive’s marketing to new levels. On top of that, we’re going to help boost social engagement and build effective workflows within the HubSpot platform, all while targeting improved SEO and SEM performance.

Keep an eye out for GrowthDrive in the coming months, as we have a feeling they’re going to be a hugely popular platform in the HubSpot universe. 

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