Social Energy Turns on the Lights with BabelQuest

Working with BabelQuest, Social Energy’s marketing and sales data is no longer in the dark. 

Social Energy, one of the UK’s fastest growing cleantech businesses, has gone from a single country to multinational at scale in a matter of months. Since June, it’s launched a complete rebrand and has become the first business in the UK to offer its customers the ability to generate REGOs (officially recognised renewable energy credits, if you weren’t sure). Social Energy is growing at a phenomenal rate and recently chose HubSpot as the right marketing and CRM platform to scale with it

Marketing Director Daniel Mahoney spearheaded the initiative to onboard the platform. Daniel immediately recognised that HubSpot could offer even more value than originally thought, but to get there, he also recognised the need to work with an expert Solutions partner.

For Social Energy, a key element of unlocking that potential is to provide complete visibility across their marketing and sales teams with HubSpot’s superior reporting capabilities.

Learn more about the impact of accurate reporting on revenue forecasting. 

Daniel says: “We’ve recently hired new members of the marketing team, and our sales team is growing too. They’re based in Australia, so for us to be able to work efficiently together, we need complete transparency across data and reporting. The HubSpot platform gives us what we need in terms of features, but working with BabelQuest means we know it’s set up correctly and don’t have to question what the reports are telling us. That’s invaluable.”

The team at Social Energy will be working with our Expert Practices team, who are all experienced in handling complex reporting on an international scale.

Chris Grant, HubSpot consultant at BabelQuest, says: “HubSpot’s reporting capabilities are incredible — end-to-end visibility across all business data sources used to be a pipe dream for many businesses unless they spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on a complex ERP system. The team at Social Energy has rightly recognised that if you don’t set up your reporting properly, you’ll have a lot of pretty charts that you can’t trust and don’t give you any actionable insight.”

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