Keeping on top of all your marketing efforts can be time consuming; there are campaigns to run and results to get. Which means that you probably don't have time to read mountains of advice in order to get everything perfect. 


Instead, take a quick look at the 20 questions below.


This certainly isn't an 'ultimate guide' or a prescriptive list, but it will help you work out where to focus your attention for some quick wins. 




Know your results inside out

Keep focused on the leads you want to generate, and on understanding the facts 


When did you last check your lead sources (for both online and offline)?



Do you know what your top lead source is?


Is there a source you’re focusing heavily on that isn’t working?


Do you know how well your leads are converting to customer per lead source?


Do you know where your most profitable customers came from?


What effectively converts people on your site? What doesn’t?


What happened to all of the leads you passed to sales this year?


When was the last time you had a two-way feedback meeting with the sales team?


Which marketing content do your sales team use (and want!) most?



What content do your prospects and customers consume and find useful?



There's more below, but if you'd rather print this...


Keep an eye on the details...

...and make sure that important checks aren't forgotten


Do you have a clear naming structure for emails, pages and so on, that makes it easy for you to find something?


When was the last time you cleared out your unsubscribes and bounces?

This is particularly important if you pay extra for a certain number of contacts. These contacts are just sitting there, so why keep them?



When did you last run a broken link check on your site?

You don't want broken links damaging your carefully thought out SEO - run a quick Google search to find a programme to check for you.


Do you have access to the social accounts of everyone relevant in the business?

You can extend the reach of your content if you have more than the company account to publish it on. 


✓ Who is getting notified for each of the forms on your site?

You wouldn't want to miss any interesting leads because the notifications are going to Sarah who left 6 months ago...


✓ Is every piece of content on your site relevant today?

There shouldn't be a CTA for that webinar which happened weeks ago. The same goes for a blog specific to a product you no longer sell.


✓ What is your average email open and click rate?



✓ Which topics are the most popular and least popular for your content?


✓ Go back a year in your blog, when did you last update those posts?

Think of a blog post as just another page on your website. Never just hit publish and forget it - anyone could still find it and read it.


✓ When did you last take a look at your competitor’s sites and see which keywords they’re ranking for?

If someone suddenly streaks ahead of you on a particular topic, you need to know about it.



Action points

So where do you go from here?


If you answered ‘I don’t know’ (or ‘too long ago’) to any of the above, those answers indicate what you need to work on.


We've got a few ideas for how you can start to do that... 


 Make a to-do list for the smaller things which you can find out or get done. Work through the list 


 Talk to your current prospects and customers to really understand what works and where you need to be investing more time and resources


 Talk to your sales team and other customer facing colleagues to see what content they would find useful and what you can be doing to help them

 Find out your benchmarks. Understanding where your email click rates and conversion rates are now will help you to improve them

 Think about those areas (blog topics, conversion points) that you highlighted as not working - what can you do to change them? Or would it be better to focus on further boosting those areas which are already working?


If you've unearthed some questions that you aren't sure how to answer, we can help.