HubSpot Sales: How to reduce admin by automating deal creation based on meetings

Effortlessly create a deal and add them to your pipeline without lifting a finger

Ever experience a great call with a prospect, realising they're qualified and ready for your pipeline, only to pause... because doing that admin is going to take time.

Imagine if you could create a deal off the back of a meeting and add them to your pipeline - without lifting a finger. That's where this super simple hack comes in. 

Find out how to create a workflow that automatically creates a deal for you, enters the default amount and close date so you can focus on what you do best – closing deals.

  1. Navigate to the settings cog and scroll down to "Meetings."

  2. Click on "Track Meeting Outcomes" and add desired outcomes, such as "Completed - Qualified" and "Completed - Disqualified."

  3. Save the meeting outcomes settings.

  4. Create a new workflow based on contacts.

  5. Set the trigger to activate when a meeting outcome is "Completed - Qualified."

  6. Add a new branch to the workflow, go to CRM, and create a record deal.

  7. Assign the deal to the most relevant person, typically the owner of the contact.

  8. Set the deal name, for example, "[Company name] - Qualified Discovery." This can always be amended later down the line but it's quite good to be able to see at a glance where this deal has come from. 

  9. Choose the appropriate pipeline stage, e.g., "Qualified to Buy."

  10. Add a realistic closed date, considering an additional buffer, like 60 days from the current date.

  11. Enter the default deal amount, ensuring it meets the minimum requirement for accurate forecasting.

  12. Click "Save" and review the workflow before publishing it.

Top Tip: Refine along the way. You might discover you need to be more specific in defining meeting outcomes, or perhaps only particular meeting types require this automation. Stay flexible and adapt the process to suit the unique dynamics of your sales team - everyone is different.