HubSpot Integrations: How to Streamline CRM Data Entry with HubSpot, Sidekick, and Slack

Take a huge load off your sales team’s shoulders when it comes to manually updating CRM data with this integration.

We all know that keeping our CRM up-to-date is key to tracking progress, making accurate forecasts, and making those all-important business decisions. But let’s be honest—sometimes filling out CRM data can be bottom of our list of priorities.

That's where this hack comes in!

We’ve got a way to streamline your CRM data entry using HubSpot’s integration with Sidekick and Slack. Read the step-by-step now or watch our video:

  1. Integrate Sidekick with HubSpot and Slack and map users and objects to get set up.
  2. Develop templates for common data updates. For example, a template can be created for deals without a next step.
    1. Header: Please add a next step to deal
    2. Body: has moved to a new stage - please update the deal record and add a next step
    3. Call to action: Next step 
  3. Once you've created your template, you then want to create a workflow. So click workflow along the top navigation.
  4. Create workflow using following triggers:
    1. Object type is deal
    2. Trigger type is event based
    3. Name: Update your deal with a next step
    4. Description: This workflow messages the deal owner to ensure they add a next step for their deal
    5. Delay is 0
    6. Workflow trigger as deal stage is known and next step is unknown
    7. Destination type is channel
    8. Channel is Slack and choose which channel
  5. When the workflow is triggered, Sidekick sends a message to Slack.
  6. Sales team members receive a notification in Slack, allowing them to enter the next step directly without switching to HubSpot.

By integrating HubSpot, Sidekick, and Slack, you’ll take a huge load off your sales team’s shoulders when it comes to manually updating CRM data. This streamlined workflow makes it easier—and more likely—that your team will keep everything up-to-date. So why not give it a try? Your future self (and your sales team) will thank you!